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Premium Corporate Compendiums & Portfolios

A massive range of premium leather and leather feel compendiums. You can improve your companies image and stay organised with branded Compendiums and Portfolios: In a corporate environment, there are a few small things that can make your brand stand out. If you are looking for a way to spread the word about your company brand, then you might consider having custom corporate portfolios created.

Why choose compendiums?

When employees have these portfolios, they can used the portfolios while they are in the office or away from the office. Each time the portfolio is pulled out, your logo can be visible to everyone else in the area.

High Quality Gifts for Employees and Clients

Selecting a gift for an employee or client can be a difficult task, but you may consider gifting them with items that are both functional and luxurious. Here at Dynamic Gift, we offer a variety of customised office products that your employees and clients will love.

For example, you might have custom compendiums created that can be used with an iPad or another type of tablet. These cases can protect the iPad, and offer additional functionality at the same time. There are pockets to store business cards, a place to hold a pen, and on one side of the compendium is a custom notepad to make it easy to write down a few notes. There is a high quality zipper, so that everything can be closed up when you are moving around, in order to avoid losing your items that are stored inside.

Gifting branded compendiums can be beneficial for the people who received the compendium, because they enjoy using it with their iPad. Additionally, it is also beneficial for your company, because your logo and brand will be on display for everyone to see.

Portfolio Gift Packages

We manufacture custom portfolios, which can come with a branded pen as well as a custom printed notepad, calculator or other stationery item. You can choose the options that are manufactured by our company, Dynamic Gift, or you might select other name brand products that we carry, such as Elleven or Cutter & Buck.

For smaller handouts, such as those needed for an event or a fair, you might consider printed jotters with your company name and contact information. These jotters are handy to have whenever someone needs to take a quick note, because they are easily accessible. People will often keep the jotters on their desk or in a drawer, and they will see your branded logo over and over again when they look at the notepad, helping to instill your brand in their mind.

Custom Colours and Features

Take some time to view the different compendiums and portfolios that are available, because there are different colours and designs to choose from. Some of them are designed to fit electronic equipment such as a tablet or phone, while others are great if you want to unplug and use a notebook and pen instead.

Local Benefits

These jotters, compendiums, portfolios, and notebooks are printed here locally in Auckland. With our local supplies, we can offer a speedy customisation service and fast delivery.

You will be receiving a high quality product and a great price, and you will love the customisation that we can offer. As you browse through our website, you will see that we have a number of products for you to choose from.