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Custom Branded Drink Coasters & Bar Coasters

Branded Drink Coasters for Your Restaurant or Pub: Coasters are important in any pub or restaurant, and if you are an owner of one of these establishments then you know that customers use a lot of coasters. Because of the visibility on the tables and at the bar, you can strengthen the brand of your business by having branded drink coasters created.

These are coasters with your company logo, symbols, or a tagline to help customers remember your company.

What Are Coasters?

Coasters are small, flat pieces that are placed on the table or bar, to provide a place for drinks to be set down. When a cold drink sits on a table for awhile, condensation begins to form on the outside of the glass. Using a coaster helps to prevent damage to the table from the liquid that collects on the surface.

Printed Coasters: Options That are Available

Here at Dynamic Gift, we offer printed coasters that can be catered to any design and style that you desire. As you browse through our website, you will see that there are many different materials available to choose from: plastic coasters, cork coasters, PVC moulded coasters, glass coasters, metal coasters, or paper card coasters.

You can select the type of coaster that will work best in your establishment, put together a design for the coaster, and we will print them according to your specifications. You can choose the size and design style that you prefer, and we offer free artwork design if you don't have a design selected already.

Branding Your Company With Coasters

These bar accessories are a good way to send a message to your customers, because each customer will see the coasters when they sit down at their table. Adding company information, such as a website and phone number, can help to promote repeat business. In fact, it is common for restaurants and pubs to give cheap printed coasters to their customers, and the customers can use them at home. Having your company brand and contact information in their home is the perfect way to help them remember the good experience they had when they visited your establishment.

The surface area of a coaster is large, and it is the perfect place to print your logo or message. We have many different colours available, and our goal is to help you create the right custom coasters for your needs. The standard size of coaster is 90 x 90 mm, but we also offer custom shapes and sizes.

The PVC coasters have a non-slip material used on the back, to prevent drinks from sliding around. Additionally, they can be designed with a textured logo that is embossed (etched into the coaster) or debossed (raised on the surface of the coaster).

A Price You Will Love, and Quality You Can Trust

Our team at Dynamic Gift will work hard to make sure that you are completely satisfied with the products that you receive. We offer fast quotes, speedy production time, and expedited shipping. Our commitment is to our customers, to make sure that you receive a superior product every time.

We are based in Auckland, New Zealand, and can ship products anywhere. When you order custom printed coasters through our company, you will receive first class service and a high quality product.