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Custom Printed Luggage Tags At The LOWEST Prices In NZ

Promotional items are everywhere, and it’s quite easy to see why. Printed luggage tags are versatile, inexpensive, and make a fine addition to your company’s current marketing plan. With our team on standby to send you a fully written quote in minutes, and our 100% free graphic design service. We will not be matched on price, quality or customer service in New Zealand. If you feel like an outing, pop in and see us in Newmarket. We love to help our clients find the perfect product!

Why choose promotional luggage tags?

These promotional products deliver better CPI (cost per impression) than any other media type, which makes them an extremely powerful sales tool for established and new businesses. Although there are numerous benefits, many of New Zealand’s businesses are still reluctant to take the plunge. Below are several reasons to consider adding luggage tags to your company’s promotional product roster.

They’re Highly Targeted

Newspaper and radio ads are distributed to wide audiences, whilst travellers make up a smaller segment of the population. Custom luggage identifiers and other promo products allow you to target those interested in your products and services, which results in more potent marketing efforts and a higher return on your investment.

They’re Durable

Promotional luggage tags have greater longevity than magazine and radio ads. Travellers will keep them longer than they’d keep other advertising forms, and in most cases, they’ll be used frequently. With durable, custom printed luggage tags, your company will gain greater exposure amongst your target market.

They’re Customisable

In addition to luggage tags, there are thousands of other travel-related promo items on the market, which means you’ll be able to find something that suits your budget and your company’s marketing strategy. These promo items give you greater creative control, because you can choose the colours, message, audience, and more.

They’re Versatile

There are numerous ways to use custom luggage identifiers, even within your own business. Some of the best uses for these giveaway items are for customer loyalty programs, employee thank-you gifts, tradeshow giveaways, sales incentives, party favours, and others.

They Increase Brand Awareness

Every time a customer uses one of your luggage tags, your company’s name is on display. This encourages recipients to think of you the next time they need the services and products you provide. With luggage identifiers and other travel-related items, a recipient becomes a walking billboard every time they use them.

They Are Memorable

When a person receives a promotional item, they usually remember where they got it and from whom it came. Most people forget radio ads, billboards, and magazine ads unless they are very memorable. However, if you were to ask someone where they got their luggage tag, they’ll likely be able to tell you all about it. In the simplest terms, promo travel items are unforgettable.

People Like Them

It’s part of human nature: everyone loves getting free stuff, and promotional items are no exception. Whether it’s at a travel expo or tradeshow, people tend to gravitate toward booths, stands, and tents with giveaway items. Printed luggage tags create lasting, positive impressions of your business.

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After hearing about all these benefits, it’s easy to see why people all over the country are turning to us for luggage tags, lanyards, and other promotional travel gear. Call us today to find out how our Auckland company and its quick turnaround time and delivery will help you get your company’s name in front of thousands of potential customers.