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Promotional Branded Pet Accessories & Products

Animal welfare fundraising is a concern of many organisations in New Zealand that function to help animals. Finding people willing to contribute to their cause can be a time-consuming task, thus they continue to search for other ways to bring in the necessary funds to continue helping these creatures. Branded pet products are a great way to generate some extra income, as the buyer can support the organisation while obtaining a product they need to care for their own family pet. Pet accessories remain in high demand, thus this is a good option for any animal-based organisation.

Fundraising Ideas For Animal Organisations

As mentioned above, fundraising is an ongoing project with organisations dedicated to bettering the lives of animals. Any group of this type will appreciate having the opportunity to recognize those who support them with a token of appreciation. Individuals who provide money for these organisations often have a companion at home, thus gifts of this type will be valued and used regularly. However, many other businesses also benefit when they invest in products of this type, and following are a few examples.


People often hear the term doggy bag, yet don't truly associate the bringing home of food from a restaurant for their pet. This is exactly what they can do, however, when restaurants provide them with a branded pet product to bring leftovers home for the family animals. In addition, some restaurants may use these items to offer bones from meat that are no longer needed to customers with a pet at home that would enjoy the unexpected treat. This is only one way a business that doesn't traditionally cater to animals can benefit from these products.

Hotels and Other Accommodations

Many people elect to travel with their pets, and hotels need to recognize this. People often enter a hotel room to find they have chocolates waiting on their pillow or free samples of toiletries in the bathroom. What pet owner wouldn't love to find that their beloved companion has a gift waiting for them also? This may be a toy for the animal to play with or a treat holder with treats already inside. As there are many branded pet products to choose from, each hotel can find one that best blends in with their overall character while going the extra mile to ensure their clients are satisfied with their stay.


Vet promotional items are another way to reward customers for their loyalty, and what pet owner doesn't like a gift for their furry friend? Veterinarian offices recognize this and find they benefit from providing a free item for those individuals who trust them with the care of their animal. This may be a small gift or a big one, but the thought is what truly matters in this situation. The pet owner treats their animal as a member of the family and loves it when their vet does the same, thus this is one option every vet office should consider.

Be sure to explore the many products we have that are designed specifically for pets. With so many to choose from, any business can find an item that will be enjoyed by their clients and discussed with others for some time to come. Most businesses don't provide presents for pets. Allow yours to stand out by doing exactly this. With so many people having animals at home, this is one investment that will quickly pay for itself in customer loyalty and new business. The new business comes from current customers sharing what a great company yours is to work with, as you recognize their love for their pets and their importance in life.