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Promotional Cotton Tote Bags With Your Logo

We have New Zealand's friendliest, most efficient team on standby to assist you with your promotional and wholesale tote bag needs. Our cotton bags come in a variety of awesome colours and are all available printed with your logo in up to 4 colours, with options for full colour transfer and gradient prints if required. We can't be beaten on price, quality or turnaround! Give us a call or submit a quote request from the form to your right.

Printed Cotton Bags Promote Your Brand The Eco-Friendly Way

Reusable bags are more than simply for trips to the grocery store. A person may use the bag for a picnic lunch, to carry toys for a little one to church, or to pack items for a long trip. These bags won’t rip, tear, or damage the environment, making them the perfect choice for everyday use. However, not any bag will do. There is nothing better than a reusable bag that a person gets for free, and businesses can benefit from providing these items to their customers. Simply choose a high-quality bag with first-notch printing and the bag will provide free advertising everywhere it is taken.

What many business owners don’t realize is every bag of this type provides the company with approximately 5,700 impressions over its lifetime. This is simply an average. A business may find they get an even better return on investment with the help of printed cotton bags. Every person who is given a bag and uses it regularly will demonstrate to others the trust they place in the company that provided the bag and this benefit should never be discounted. In contrast, a billboard offers about 500 impressions over its lifetime and tee shirts only offer 200 impressions per dollar invested.

Why Cotton?

There are numerous reasons why a business would want to choose cotton over the other options available. First and foremost, the bags came in a wide range of colors, allowing the business to find one that coordinates with their other marketing materials. Consistency is of great importance when it comes to brand awareness, and companies find the cotton bags allow for this consistency. The bags hold up with time, and the logo won’t come off when cotton is used. Furthermore, everyone enjoys a cotton bag, from employees and suppliers to clients and prospects.

Environmentally Friendly

One reason many companies opt for printed cotton bags is the bags are good for the environment. Not only can the bag be reused again and again, it comes from a substance that can be grown repeatedly. Plastic bags, in contrast, often harm wild animals and leach plastic into the oceans and groundwater. This can lead to humans being harmed. With the use of one cotton printed bag, a person may ensure 700 plastic grocery bags never make their way to the landfill. This one simple change will go a long way to protecting the earth and its inhabitants.


A business may hesitate before investing in printed cotton bags. However, sit down and calculate the cost of disposable bags and see why more are turning to reusable options. Plastic and paper bags simply do not hold up over time. In fact, many fall apart with one use. Companies that provide these items are showing they don’t care much about quality or the environment. This problem is eliminated with the cotton bags. Nevertheless, a company must choose a high-quality bag to get the best return on investment in terms of both advertising and their marketing budget.

Designing the Bag

One thing to consider when purchasing printed cotton bags is what message will be placed on the bag. This may be the brand logo, the company’s tagline, or another message the business wants to deliver. Furthermore, the bag needs to clearly display the company name and possibly the phone number and/or website. A company needs to carefully choose what to include and what to omit so the bag is aesthetically appealing without overwhelming the viewer with an excessive amount of information. Any company that finds they are struggling in this area can turn to our design team. Our in-house team will provide a free mockup so the business can see what the bag looks like before production begins. This helps to keep costs down as the right bag will be obtained the first time.

The Lowest Prices in New Zealand

Companies turn to us because they know we offer incredibly low prices on amazing products. We take our service to the next level to ensure our clients get the best product at the best price. If a business finds the identical item at a lower price, we won’t simply match it. We’ll beat it, as our goal is to be the only company you turn to for all your promotional product needs.

If you are looking for new ways to promote your business, this is one option that should not be overlooked. Companies that offer printed cotton bags to everyone they come into contact with will expand their brand visibility significantly. However, take the time to ensure the proper message is printed on the bag. A failure to do so will negatively affect the bag’s return on investment and nobody wants that.