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  1. Five Reasons To Invest In Promotional Products

    Invest In Promotional Products

    Since the global economic crisis marketing budgets have understandably been under pressure and a high level of ROI needs to be ensured at all times. The world of marketing has rapidly evolved in recent years and, for the majority of industries it may seem old fashioned to invest in promotional…

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  2. Competition Prizes Can Help Business Growth

    Running a competition is a very simple way of growing a business. When used effectively a competition will create a buzz around a brand and increase word-of-mouth marketing. Effective marketing tools are simple. Follow our helpful guide to ensure the competitions you run are effective and deliver a high ROI….

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  3. Ensure A High ROI On Promotional Products

    Promotional products can deliver a high ROI and achieving this is very simple. However, one of the most important factors to consider is the supplier you choose. If the products you give out to potential clients aren’t of a high enough quality the whole exercise could be counter-productive. The promotional…

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  4. How Promotional Products Can Complement A Marketing Campaign

    In an increasingly competitive marketplace utilising every opportunity to market your business is vital to ensure survival and secure growth. Incorporating traditional and new marketing tools is essential and a cohesive strategy can be very cost effective. A successful marketing campaign is about identifying how to properly use every tool…

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  5. Use Promotional Products To Build A Brand

    Including promotional products in a targeted marketing strategy is undoubtedly a powerful tool in helping to shape a brand. It can be a great way to build the reputation of a business. If you know how to use these products to maximise these opportunities you can ensure a high ROI….

    Promotional products are items bearing your company's brand or logo and given to customers. Used primarily to present a company's products and services, promotional items eventually lead to awareness, loyalty and customer loyalty.

    Choose your gifts wisely
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  6. How to Set Your Event Apart From The Rest

    Holding an event can be an effective way of gaining new business, but it can also be costly. To deliver a high ROI you need to make the most of your event. Many of your potential clients / customers will visit a number of events so to ensure you fulfil…

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  7. The Dos And Don’ts Of Giving Corporate Gifts

    Relationship building is essential in the corporate world and can be the difference between the success and failure of a brand. A key tool in building effective relationships is using corporate gifts. A well timed, carefully chosen gift can be an incredibly powerful marketing tool and will help your business…

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  8. Trends In Promotional Product Marketing

    For decades, companies have handed out promotional products to help build brand awareness and win business. To ensure these products continue to deliver a high ROI you need to be aware of the latest trends and how these can be adapted for your business. However, don’t lose sight of the…

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  9. Tips For Effective Promotional Event Planning

    In a crowded marketplace planning a promotional event can help to elevate your business above the competition. It is inevitably a costly exercise but, with a little thought and creativity and us on your team planning your event will deliver a high ROI and help you to win business. Just…

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  10. Customised Products Say About Your Company

    Investing in merchandise which is clearly branded with your company’s name may appear extravagant when many budgets are under pressure. However, in today’s crowded marketplace it is harder to win business so standing out from the competition will ensure your business can grow. Despite the initial outlay customised promo items…

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