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Custom Promotional Stress Balls & Toys

We have got the cure for the work day stress! Our range of promotional stress toys & balls imprinted with your companies logo or message. Free artwork and lowest prices in New Zealand from a trusted Auckland based company. Don't delay and talk to us today about branding your company info onto these great little promotional giveaway items. You can try some of our other products like lanyards, Keyrings, or a recent hit is our marquees and branded displays. However none are more handy and convenient than our awesome stress ball range.

Stress less about your marketing!

Promotional products help a company market their business in a practical way. There are a variety of promotional items out there, including pens, clothing, and lanyards. However, few are more appreciated than stress balls. These are the foam balls or other shapes people squeeze to relieve tension or stress. Although they are commonly called balls, these small toys are actually made in a wide range of shapes. Many companies get their Stress toys in a shape that is relevant to their business. Nearly all companies purchasing stress balls have them imprinted with their name, logo, and contact information.

Brand them up and give them away

Although these toys are a suitable way to relieve some tension, and even for workers to prevent carpal tunnel injuries, they are more effective as a marketing tool. There are a few ways companies can use Stress toys to gain visibility. These products can be purchased in bulk and given away to a wide audience. Employees may use them at their desks or on their daily commutes. Other transit riders will see them with the stress ball and may inquire about the company. If they ask questions, the employees can answer them and, possibly, earn a new customer.

Use as part of a complete corporate gift package

Stress balls are also the perfect item to add to a gift bag at a trade show. Attendees get plenty of pens and notepads, but they never get enough stress balls. Because these items are useful, people will keep them around. When they need the product or service the company offers, they have the phone number and web address right in their hand. Custom printed stress balls are affordable, so it's easy for a company to purchase enough to give to everyone who stops by their booth.

Don't rush in just yet

Before buying any promotional items, it's essential to think about the end goal. When the goal is to attract new customers, the approach might be different than when the New Zealand company wants to reward loyal customers. For example, marketers might give away branded stress balls on the street where their target customers are most likely to be found when the companies are looking for new clients. On the other hand, leaving gift items at the reception desk or another location where shoppers can see them is a nice way to reward current customers. Regardless of who gets the product, they'll be advertising for the company.

We can help you today

Our experienced Auckland company can work with a business to choose the best shape and colour for their stress balls. The size, shape, colour, and wording on the item should clearly convey which company it came from so anyone with more than one will be able to tell the difference. The best providers work closely with companies, evaluating their needs as well as their goals, to help them choose the best promotional products at the right times. They may also have other products available that could be appropriate for other marketing campaigns. Having a steady supply of promotional items can help a company get the exposure they need to bring in new customers regularly and keep people talking about the company.