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Custom Printed & Promotional Wireless Chargers

A brilliant giveaway for staff, clients, team members and anyone working at a desk! These great little chargers will sit on peoples desks displaying your logo all day, promoting your brand or company info to anyone who sits down or passes by. We offer a complete range of wireless charging pads branding with your logo in up to 4 colours, we also offer a full colour printing option which allows for colourful gradients and photographic images to be faithfully reproduced. Enquire today for a fast written quote and a virtual sample.

Wireless charging pads as a promotional item

According to a recent study, over 50% of participants said that companies giving away promotional items left them with a better impression, and an almost equivalent number of respondents use those products daily. Corporate promotional items like power banks and wireless charging pads are not only a great way to get the company’s name in front of customers, they’re quite useful as well. In this short guide, our readers can learn some of the benefits of these office gifts.

Increased Brand Building

No matter its size, a New Zealand business likely wants to increase its brand recognition. Today’s business owners are always looking for ways to set themselves apart from the competition while keeping the company’s name fresh in buyers’ minds. To do this, one must get creative, and office gifts are a memorable and unique way to get the brand in front of potential, current, and future customers. With wireless charging pads and other office gifts, customers get something they’ll use every day, and the business owner gets increased brand recognition.

A Wider Reach

When small business owners are working on a limited advertising budget, it may be hard to decide which items offer the greatest value for the price. With a reduced cost and a significant, lasting impact, promo office gifts are a great way for companies to maximise their investments. Giveaway items such as charging pads are a fine way to increase brand loyalty, and they make a great gift to include with a purchase.

A Very Memorable Calling Card

While an old-fashioned business card is still a great tool for business owners, promo items like charging pads are a fun, creative way to give potential customers and clients the business’ contact info. Such gifts are ideal for IT providers and other tech companies who perform regular office visits. As opposed to leaving a calling card, consider giving away wireless charging pads as a branded reminder.

Providing Tangibility

As far as a business owner’s marketing efforts are concerned, exposure is a top consideration. How can companies keep themselves in front of buyers without spending too much money? The answer is quite simple: give the customer something they’ll keep and use daily. For instance, a mobile phone repair shop can hand out wireless charging pads branded with their names and phone numbers. Not only will customers use such an item each day, they will think of the shop with each use.

Marketing Businesses

Like other areas of life, in the business world, variety is a crucial consideration. It’s always better to have something unique than to hand out the same bland, boring office gifts everyone else has. Although marketing staples have their place, it’s just as important to branch out a bit. When companies use promo items like power banks and charging pads, they get an enduring, potent marketing tool.

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In today’s always-connected world, users need ways to keep devices charged without being tethered to an outlet or cord. Wireless charging pads and power banks are items that recipients will use each day, and they’re a memorable, yet unique way to get the company’s name in front of buyers. Call us at Dynamic Gift NZ for more details or to place an order.