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Get First Aid Kits With Your Custom Branding & Logo

Keep your business in great health by showing clients you care. Printed first aid kits for promotional purposes are as productive as they are popular, allowing owners to be prepared for a host of medical situations. While primarily associated with internal usage by medical organisations, volunteer organisations, and companies that deal with situations in which injuries may occur, they can also be handed out to customers. Our first aid kits include various bandages, medical tapes, and gauze rolls. Larger units can also feature safety pins, thread, scissors, sanitising chemicals and snake bite bandages.

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Why Choose Branded First Aid Kits?

Promotional first aid kits aren’t just a great way to ensure that your medical caregivers are prepared for any medical situations that may surface. They are a useful investment for a whole host of different reasons, including;

  1. Every business needs a first aid kit, and so giving one out to a customer or a business to business client means your brand will be stowed away at their business and when pulled out people will remember your business product or service.
  2. First aid kits work with other branded materials to ensure that a sense of continuity is maintained in every aspect of your business.
  3. Our large selection of first aid kits enables you to find a package that is ideal for the specific needs of your business and the situations it may enter.
  4. First aid kits can be given to customers. When used, they’ll know that your company was there at a time where they needed it most, encouraging positive feelings towards the brand.
  5. The quality of the materials included provide the reliability that your team craves in those important situations while the branding proves ownership.
  6. Branded first aid kits provide an even greater sense of professionalism when used at promotional events, charity activities, or team away days.

First Aid Kits For All Circumstances

Dynamic Gift boasts a wide range of first aid kits. Whether you need office first aid kits, industry first aid kits, a compact first aid it, or first aid travel kits doesn’t matter. We will stock a first aid kit that’s suited to the needs of your company, employees, or customers.

Convenient clip-on first aid kits, carry bags, and mini first aid kits are ideal in situations where users are on the go. Meanwhile, survival kits are available for treks and sporting challenges that may be conducted as part of team building or various organised events.

First aid kits ranging from 21-piece kits to 51-piece kits can be used by medical teams in emergency situations while they may also be used for staff training programs or handed to customers. Travel first aid kits are another popular promotional gift, especially for companies that work in the related travel fields.

Get The Brand Image You Desire

If you’ve decided to opt for branded first aid kits over traditional style alternatives, it’s imperative that the brand logo or message is displayed in the very best manner. Our creative team offers a free artwork service to ensure that the final design lives up to your expectations.

The designs can be created exactly to your brief or our team can provide their ideas if you prefer. Either way, we’ll always send over the designs for the custom printed designs before sending to print. From full-colour logo printing to displaying a message or slogan, our service ensures that the final products give your business the boost they require.

We use the best printing techniques, meaning you can be sure that the brand image displayed on those products will be built to last.

Premium Products From A Business You Can Trust

While looks are certainly important, the nature of the products used within the first aid kit means that quality simply isn’t negotiable. Dynamic Gift prides itself on providing the best products, which all undergo quality control. When your team needs to snap into action, they can be confident that all bandages and materials will perform as desired.

We also provide exceptional value, quick turnarounds, and incredible support throughout every step of the process. For a comprehensive service that will help you satisfy the first needs of your business or customers, Dynamic Gift is the obvious answer. Health and safety never looked so good.

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