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Custom print pencil cases for schools & businesses in NZ

Pencil cases are not just something you buy the kids for school you know! They are a great promotional item giveaway too, with your company brand and contact info emblazoned onto the pencil case your clients, staff, students or puils will never lose your contact info again. A great awareness product and extremely economical to personalise, have a chat to us today and get a fast written quote within minutes.

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Printed Pencil Cases Will Make It Easy To Keep Track Of Writing Devices And Small Office Supplies

A pencil case that has an individual's name, company name, address and phone number printed on it can be useful in many situations. The following scenarios will provide suggestions that can be helpful and that will prevent an owner from losing their possessions.

When Students Are On An Outing

If students are going to be attending an outing with their teacher, they can carry pencil cases and will not be likely to lose them. If a pencil case is misplaced, the information that is printed on it will help a student regain their belongings. Pencil cases that have information printed on them will also prevent confusion and ensure that a particular student is not given someone else's supplies. Pencil cases can also be used in a classroom each day. Pencils, pens, rulers and any other small supplies will be safely contained. This will help each student keep their desk's contents clean and orderly.

While An Art Student Is Attending A Competition

If an art student is going to be attending a competition and needs to bring along some of their art supplies, they can conveniently store a personalised case in a suitcase or tote bag. Pencil cases are lightweight and durable, making them a favored item to bring along to various locations. Once an art student arrives at their destination, they will be able to locate the supplies that are needed during the competition. If they leave the pencil case behind by accident, anyone who spots it will be able to contact them after reading the information that is printed on its exterior.

If An Employee Is Visiting A Job Site Or Attending A Meeting

An architect, contractor, construction employee or any other professional who is required to write down information while visiting a job site or during a business meeting may want to bring along a pencil case. By doing so, they will always have a writing implement on hand and will not have to worry about asking someone if they can borrow a pen or pencil. They will also not need to worry about carrying loose items, which could easily get lost. Once they are finished for the day and are ready to head back home, they can quickly pack their pencil box and place it with any other items that they have brought along.

Talk to us today, we help you through the entire order process

Printed Pencil Cases can be purchased in bulk and are affordable. Each Custom pencil case will be designed according to a client's wishes. A school name or company logo can be added to each case. Personal information will also be included, which usually includes an individual's name and contact information. Cases can be ordered from New Zealand or a similar location. The Branding that is added to each case will not fade or rub off after a case is used for a long length of time. Company Logo pencil cases provide plenty of room for basic office supplies, such as writing devices, rulers, note pads and scissors. They make great gifts and recipients will be likely to get plenty of use out of them.

Why Do You Need Custom Metal Badges?

These metal badges provide an identification system which allows customers to easily spot an employee in your store. When the employees have matching die struck badges, it can build a professional image for your company. Additionally, the badges are simple to use and beneficial to display the name of each employee.

Many companies have found that their employees are more accountable for their decisions when they are wearing a name badge, because the customers will be able to identify them. If you want to prevent behavior problems among your staff, then you might consider using printed badges if you don't already have them.

Promotional and Fundraising Options

Other similar items can be used for fundraisers or other promotional events. For example, you may have moulded metal pins created to display an image or logo that represents a charitable organisation. Those pins can be offered as a gift to anyone who donates to the cause, and the pin can help to spread the word about your organisation.

Other Uses for Custom Pins

In addition to using custom pins for fundraising purposes, you can also find other ways to use them as well:

  • Give lapel pins away as gifts at a nice event
  • Use the pins as an award or recognition for athletes or performers
  • Sell pins for profit
  • Gift a nice pin as employee recognition
  • Hand out pins to employees who practice safety in the workplace

Designing the Perfect Badge or Pin

One of the advantages to having pins made for your company or organisation, is the fact that you can choose the design and colours for the pin. Design features might include the logo for your company, a catchy image, bright colours, and or symbols.

Or, if you don't feel like pins are right for your needs, then look at options to have custom button badges made. Here at Dynamic Gift, we offer enamel badges and all types of pins, which can be customised according to the needs of your organisation. Our goal is to help you create the perfect badge or pin, in order to help you with the branding of your company.

Before you decide on the pin or badge design that you would like to use, it is important that you first understand how the pins will be used. The purpose of the these items will help you to choose an appropriate design and colours. Additionally, you can choose the type of metal and design feature based on your budget and anticipated profit margins.

We offer many different types of custom products in Auckland, and we would love to help you with any customisation need that you might have. Contact Dynamic Gift if you have any questions or if you need help selecting the right items for your organisation.