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Don't Hire an Air Dancer, Buy One Custom Branded

A little extra publicity doesn’t hurt your business, does it? In today’s competitive market, one product that is increasingly being used for outdoor advertising campaigns is air dancers. It helps bring in more customers to your store or showroom, and can promote any event or feature you may wish to highlight.

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Custom-made air dancers create the perfect tool to bring brand awareness to your target audience. At Dynamic Gift NZ we give you the option to let the creative juices flow. In designing and manufacturing the unlimited fun and entertainment wavey man for you, we keep it top priority that quality material as well as printing is used. This way, the air dancer can be yours to keep for as long as 5 years before fading under our UV guarantee. They are guaranteed durable and can work for your business.


Choose from the assortment of names and call it what you like. Whether they are the sky dancers, tube dancers, wind dancers, logo dudes, and air puppets, an electrical vortex motor is used to blow air into these balloons to give them the killer moves you see them perform day after day. Once set up, sit back and enjoy as their arms and bodies fly off in every direction to magically extend your visibility range and get you customers of all ages.

Offered at reasonable prices, the great versatility in setting up this medium comes from its sizes, colours, shapes, and any printing that the customer wants.


The height is a characteristically important feature that distinguishes anything. Although, there are standards, nevertheless, in this venture, you have the control to keep it appropriate (2-10m, excluding blower) and not too large to be considered wacky or too small to permit you to go without one.

Colour Scheme

If it matches your purpose, you may opt for a single plain colour from the palette for them. However, it is suggested that more bright and vibrant colours are used to catch the eyes. Go beyond, and select a hair colour for your dance partner. Work to have your customers better able to retain your business.

Shape – Single Leg & Double Legs

The best of the air dancers in this market are double-sided. In their differences of the many multi-colour tentacles as in the sky ticklers, their surprise can further be given weightage with their single or double bottoms. So, in spite of the type you choose – fly guys, tube dudes, sky-ticklers, arrow dudes, log dudes, air flames and tubies – know whether it is a single-legged or a double-legged piece that you require.


You may like your dancer to give a particular message to your potential customers. The graphics team manages the lettering and design of your dancer to its optimum making it worth the second glance of all passer-bys. You also don’t have to worry about the text or the emoticon display to be washed out, peeled off, or scratched away.


Apart from the air dancer body and the high-powered fan unit to inflate it, there is a repair kit and a carrying bag for each of our clients.

Place it in an open, safe, and accessible area. Keep rotating its location so that it keeps the interest going even as you do not change the piece itself. Add in drama and fantasy to your place by ordering your aerodynamic dancing inflatable from our website! With a small investment, own and not hire an air dancer to stand out amongst the rest and increase your sales. Visit Dynamic Gift today and place your order.