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Looking for a unique way to promote your business? Look no further than our Tattoo & Stickers range! With custom branded options available, these personalised products make great staff gifts or merchandise for your business. Enquire with us today and get a no obligation quote emailed in minutes, or visit our Auckland showroom to see our range in person. Don't miss out on this opportunity to make your brand stand out!

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Promotional items like Temporary Tattoos have become increasingly popular over the past 20 years. In a study done in 1991 by PPAI, fewer than 50% of responding businesses offered corporate gifts. By comparison, in 2007, almost 85% of companies had giveaways. Promotional Temporary Tattoos utilize one of the English language’s most powerful words: free. Offering customers something for free is a great way to grab their attention, boost business, and build relationships. Below are some of the ways promotional tattoos can benefit a business.

Increasing Brand Awareness

One of the most effective ways to get the company’s name in front of customers is to take a literal approach. Promotional tattoos featuring the company’s name and logo can raise awareness about the company. Gifts help customers associate the brand with positive things whether they’re useful or neat decorations. According to a survey of trade show visitors, almost 63% of respondents said they’d gotten a promotional item, and over 70% of them remembered the name of the company that provided it.


Not only are temporary tattoos and other gifts thoughtful tokens of a company's appreciation for its customers, they can help companies advertise their products and services at a lower cost than other methods. A corporate gift is a very effective method of promotion, and it has a cost per impression of just $0.004. By comparison, newspaper and TV ads cost almost $0.02 per impression. Therefore, a business gift provides almost 500% more value.

Improved Corporate Image

Promotional gifts can improve a potential customer’s opinion of the company. According to a research study from Georgia State University, those receiving promotional items were more likely to view the giver in a positive light. Even in the non-corporate world, gifts are a symbol of goodwill. Therefore, it follows that corporate gifts will improve customers’ perceptions and overall attitudes toward the company.

Lead Generation

Promotional items can inspire customers’ curiosity. In many cases, temporary tattoos and other promotional gifts can increase the likelihood that a potential customer will make a purchase, sign up for an e-newsletter, or visit the company’s website.

Increased Sales

With greater goodwill and brand recognition come more sales. A Southern Methodist University study suggests that customers receiving promotional items spend more on a company’s services and products afterward. Business gifts are a significant value-added proposition, and customers who feel like they’re getting a greater value are likely to increase their spending in other areas.

Customer Loyalty

The same study mentioned above suggests customers who receive gifts are more likely to buy again. Offering customers promotional tattoos and other products encourages repeat business and reminds the customer that their patronage is valued.

Generation of Referrals

Current customers can be a good source of additional referrals. Promotional items are a great lead generation tool, but they’re more effective when used as an incentive than as a bonus gift.

In Closing

Promotional tattoos are a dependable, cost-efficient way for companies to gain an advantage in today’s competitive business climate. Regardless of the industry, it’s a wise decision for a company to incorporate promotional items into its corporate marketing strategies.