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Printed & Engraved Bottle Openers With Your Logo

Three days from now, you could be presenting your clients with unique and extraordinary branded bottle openers printed in Auckland, New Zealand. have a large collection of unusual and interesting bar items which includes custom bottle openers with your company branding. These openers will make your customers aware of how special they are to you. These promotional bar accessories are keyed for your more adventurous clientele, from the sports lover to the upper class corporate types. Everyone needs a bottle opener at some stage and your brand will definitely stand out from the rest when people go for their bottle opener at parties and functions

A handy bottle opener for your marketing efforts

Here is something to meet their fancy. Custom bottle openers, given in conjunction with tin beer buckets are a great double whammy to promote your line of products - especially when customised to your liking. Should you decide to include the stubby mate bottle cover, you have an amazing package of promotional gear.

A new take on an old classic

The bottle openers can be classic, curved or chevron style and with or without accessories like a torch. There is also a very polished USB drive, engraved with logos - and yes a bottle opener. It has 500 write - cycles and comes with a 10-year warranty, with a lanyard-fitting if you so choose. Do you have customers that just deserves a gift that can be proudly displayed somewhere in their office or home? A few select items might peak your interest. What could be more striking than a plain white tuck box containing a foldable 6-bottle wine rack? The rack is made of high quality materials and customised to your taste - it includes the wine accessories too.

The TR wine block is another outstanding promo item. Presented in a hinged black box, that contains a bamboo wine accessory-organizer. Included are things like a wine thermometer, and collars and more.

Looking for something small in size that leaves a huge impression? Check out the array of coasters available, from printed plastic to machine cut glass or stamped metal, and that’s the short list. They come in many other materials and are quickly and easily customised with your patterns.

More than just keyring openers

The glass coasters are clear with your engraving or printing underneath, and come in a black velvet sleeve for presentation. The metal coasters offer 20 different finishes. Lettering can be printed, engraved, stamped or raised. They can contain photos and are simply perfect for special events. As with all other products, the quality is superb and the printing does not rub off.

Why not add a little touch of individuality to your promotions, like USB products, heat stamped with your logo that at first glance looks like a wine cork. The metal version is a miniature wine bottle secured with a screw-on top in a satin finish.

These USB units might be the best promotional gift out there. These drives can have printing on two sides, come with a 5-year warranty and a wide assortment of bonuses.

Variable capacities and compatibility with multiple devices and operating systems make these units beneficial for most users. The data customisation service offers 6- amenities including serialization for more sensitive materials, top that off with 500 write- cycles and 10-year data retention and wow, what an awesome present this has turned out to be. All these amazing items are available in as little as 3-5 days. Our office in Auckland, New Zealand supplies nationwide for customer convenience