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Custom Leather USB Drives With Your Branding

Try our PU leather usb drives as a corporate giveaway or promotional gift. They look great when stamped with your logo or message and offer a great alternative to our other USB drives made from plastic, metal or recycled materials. Get a FREE quote and virtual mock up today and find out why everyone is choosing Dynamic Gift NZ for their corporate usb drives.

A Premium giveaway, at a fraction of the cost of other corporate gifts

Leather USB Drives provide a business with a unique way to advertise their business, and the recipients of these gifts are sure to value them and use them on a regular basis. In fact, these premium drives are perfect gifts for loyal customers and important clients, and they can be branded with the company name and logo. Doing so ensures the recipient is left with a good impression of the company providing the item, and this item won't look out of place in a board meeting or on a plane headed across the world.

The Benefits of USB Drives

Branded Leather USB drives in New Zealand can be used for a wide range of purposes. Many individuals aren't aware a flash drive can be used to lock and unlock a computer, preventing unauthorized access. This is done with the help of a program that makes use of the flash drive to secure the device.

Viruses remain of concern to every computer user, but a flash drive can be a lifesaver in this situation. Download rescue software onto the drive and scan the computer that has been infected. This helps to determine where the issue lies so steps can be taken to correct the problem.

A USB drive, when encrypted, prevents sensitive information from being stolen. Flash drives are easy to lose, thanks to their small size, but this doesn't have to be an issue any longer. Take a flash drive everywhere, knowing the files can't be accessed without the correct password, and get more work done while on the go. Obviously, with a leather branded USB drive though, people will take notice and it will be easier to keep track of.

What Can Be Done with a Branded USB Drive

Stamped Leather Flash Drives don't have to be handed out without any information on them. We work with clients to preload data onto the drive, including promotional materials, to ensure the message to be sent is received. In fact, the drive can now be set to run this material automatically when plugged into a computer. The drive can be provided with a custom name when formatted or files can be protected from deletion. It's simply a matter of what the client needs from their drives.

Don't Forget the Accessories

Flash drives may be presented to recipients in a variety of ways. Place the USB drive in a presentation tin or present the recipient with a magnet box to hold the drive in a convenient location. Some customers opt to include a neck strap with their drive when offering it to others or provide it in a fancy box for storage. The options are endless, and the client determines which combination best works for their customers. Regardless of which is selected, the leather USB drive is sure to present the business in a favorable light.

Creating the Right Drive

All products are produced in our own facilities, helping to ensure high quality while keeping costs low. We offer a design studio to help clients create a drive that truly reflects what their business has to offer, and we create a prototype for approval before manufacturing begins. No company wants to obtain a promotional product only to be disappointed with the finished product when it arrives. Those who work with us never have this concern, as we work closely with every client to create the ideal product the first time.

Explore the site today to learn more about these leather stamped drives. In addition, look for other products and accessories that complement this item. With our help, every business can find the right promotional products for their target audience and obtain them without spending a fortune to do so.