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There isn't many companies that can offer an affordable medal at extremely high quality and attention to detail. Fortunately we aren't just any other company! Our medals are manufactured to your exact specifications, from simple moulded shapes with your logo engraved or raised out from the metal, to soft enamel filled designs and even full colour print and glitter options are available at very very affordable prices. We won't be matched on price, quality or delivery times so put us to the test today. Our sales team are on standby to provide you with a comprehensive written quote and our in house design team will design your medals completely free of charge. Enquire now.

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Are you planning a sports event, are you in the throes of putting plans together for a charity run, or are you looking for a novel way to reward your employees? If so, why not take a look at our custom medals? Whether you’re keen to show your team how grateful you are for all their hard work, you’re eager to promote teamwork and collaboration, or you’re looking to congratulate participants at a sporting event, we have a range of high-quality, custom printed medals and medallions on offer.

Our medals and awards

We have a broad spectrum of printed medals and awards available, ranging from understated, inexpensive plain etched medals and moulded medals to challenge coins and soft enamel custom medallions. We have products to suit every client with a selection of neck ribbons and styles available to cater for all budgets. If you have an event in the pipeline, or you’re keen to host an awards ceremony and hand out prizes in recognition of industry or excellence, we’re confident you’ll find a style you love. We provide a full design service, so once you’ve chosen the shape and material, we can add a brand name, a logo or a message. We also offer a bespoke service. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, we can produce medals of all shapes and sizes with ink fill, enamel designs and even glitter to give your medal that added sparkle. If you have ideas in mind, we’ll use them to create a finished article that is guaranteed to impress.

The varied uses of custom medals

Custom medals have been used for decades to acknowledge achievements, most commonly in the sporting arena. Today, they have a wide range of uses, and this is why they appeal to such a broad client base. Custom designed sporting medals are ideal for company sports days, community events and competitions or tournaments at schools and colleges. Whether you’re hosting a corporate or charity event, or you’re sponsoring a race, for example, custom medals enable you to showcase your brand and connect the audience with your business or organisation.

Another potential use for custom medallions is recognition of achievements in the workplace. When you’ve given your all to a project, there’s nothing better than having your efforts recognised and being rewarded by your boss. If you’re an employer and you’re keen to give back and make your employees feel great, handing out branded medals and awards at a ceremony or end of year party is an excellent way to boost morale.

We also recommend bespoke medals for clubs and societies. Many people like to make time for hobbies and socialising because they enjoy meeting people who have similar interests. Custom-designed medals are a means of giving a group an identity and getting people together.

Choosing the best medal for your business or event

We have a stunning array of medals on offer, and as a respected and reputable medal supplier, we’re confident that we can help you find the quality product you’re looking for. Whether you’re hosting a corporate event, you are sponsoring a charity tournament, you’ve got an awards dinner coming up at work, or you’re in charge of a school or college team, we’ve got the perfect medal for you. Browse our styles, think about what you’d like the finished article to look like, and give us a call. You might know exactly what you want, but if you’re unsure about design, or you don’t know which type of medal to choose, we’re here to help. We can go through some design ideas and provide tailored advice based on your budget and how you plan to use the medals.

The advantages of bespoke medals

Bespoke medals offer a wide range of benefits to all kinds of customers.

  • Recognising achievements

Whether you’ve smashed your personal best in a 10K run or you’ve delivered an outstanding piece of work, there’s nothing like the feeling of having a medal around your neck. A medal is a visible, tangible symbol of success and achievement, and it’s something to be proud of. Whether you’re an employer, or you’re involved in hosting, organising and sponsoring an event, you can give people that warm, fuzzy feeling at the same time as advertising and promoting your brand.

  • Branding and employee encouragement

Custom-designed medals can be a fantastic way of motivating your employees and strengthening your brand’s profile.

  • Advertising

If you’re involved with a sporting event, a corporate awards ceremony or a charity competition or fun run, having your brand name or your logo on the medals and awards provides you with a great platform to advertise your brand. Not only will the medals be visible to other people attending the event, but they’ll also be featured in social media posts and press articles.

If you’re looking to promote your brand at the same time as recognising the achievements of your employees, a sports team or competitors at a charity event, why not take a look at our medal selection and get in touch to discuss design ideas today?