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Lapel Pins & Branded Enamel Pins At Factory Direct Prices

Are you looking for a new way to promote your business? Do you feel you aren’t getting the best return on investment from the ballpoint pens or cotton totes you have been distributing? If so, you may wish to look into branded enamel pins. Our lapel pins are the perfect addition to your fundraising arsenal! Enquire now for a FREE virtual mock up and a no obligation quote. We offer 100% customised pins and badges at New Zealand's most competitive prices.

Branded Enamel Pins Make Great Fundraising Gifts

They offer a great alternative to more conventional promotional offerings and the cost is right for many businesses. Furthermore, a pin of this type can be used for a wide range of purposes, allowing every business in Auckland and throughout New Zealand to select that one that best meets their needs.

Business Promotion

Do you want to bring more attention to your business? An easy way to do so is to provide custom lapel pins with your brand to customers, suppliers, employees, and more. The pin is easy to wear, doesn’t interfere with their activities, and can go everywhere they go with ease. The pin needs to be of the highest quality to attract attention for the right reasons and it must be colourful and eye-catching. If it meets these requirements, individuals will want to wear it and share information about your business with everyone who asks.


Money is tight for many groups, including a number of non-profit organisations. If you are looking for an easy way to raise funds and boost awareness of your organisation, consider investing in these custom lapel pins. Members and supporters love to share a cause that is special to them, and a lapel pin is an easy way to do so. They can put it on wherever they are going because it typically coordinates with any outfit. Furthermore, they know their money is going to a good cause and they are getting something in return. They are sure to appreciate this.


Are you trying to raise awareness about a group, disease, organisation, or other entity? If so, consider wearing a lapel pin to alert others to what is important in your life. The money raised from the sale of the pins can be used to provide materials to those who wish for more information, may be donated to find a cure for a disease, or might be used simply to allow the organisation to continue operating. By wearing the pin, you are alerting others to the cause and they may opt to learn more and likewise provide funds for this purpose.

Repeat Exposure

Regardless of why the pin is worn, the organisation providing this accessory benefits thanks to the repeated exposure that is received each time the item is worn. Unlike many promotional items, the pin can last a lifetime when cared for, and people like to wear this fashion item. It allows them to add a little something to their outfit and, in many cases, they didn’t have to spend a dime to do so. Even those who purchase the pin will want to wear it frequently to let others see what is important in their life.

Popular Uses For Enamel Pins

Don’t limit distribution of the branded pins to promotional giveaways. Provide employees with a pin to recognise their years of service or another achievement in their career. The pins may be used to honor those who volunteer for an organisation or they are perfect for commemoration programs. Furthermore, a pin of this type can be provided to those with perfect attendance or those who reach a certain sales milestone. The ideas are endless. However, keep in mind the pins must be ordered in quantities of 100 or more, so they aren’t the right choice for everything.

Where Will You Use Your Lapel Pins?

Look around and you are likely to see a number of lapel pins in other locations. Some people choose to put the pin on their hat and others display it on a backpack strap. Purse straps and tote handles offer another place to display a pin, and they can be used on any part of a tote bag. It’s all what the user prefers and everyone has one or more places they will love to show off this badge.

When the time comes to purchase promotional badges, be sure to visit Dynamic Gift. We have a wide range of branded pins sure to meet the needs of New Zealand business owners. Furthermore, we offer a fast turnaround time and rush service when required. To make certain your item is exactly what you imagined, turn to our free artwork service. We’ll take your image and create a prototype or we can do the artwork for you. Our goal is to help you find the right pin each and every time, and everything we do is geared to that purpose. Give us a call or visit our website today.