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There really was a time when people sent paper thank-you notes to their customers. Soon, that was followed with calendars at years end and now cards sent through the post are gone. Sending an email just isn’t the same since it can be deleted at the tip of a button. This may be one reason that staff & client awards for people who are loyal to your company are so much more important than ever before.

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Here at Dynamic, our talented craftsmen manufacture each award right here in our own factory and they can custom mould a trophy just for you in any shape you specify. You can have your message or logo printed, etched or laser engraved in the size and style you prefer. On top of that, we have one of the lowest minimum-order quantities anywhere in Australia and our turnaround time is only 7 – 10 days on rush service.

Our custom cut glass plaques or a laser engraved desk ornaments are the perfect gifts to recognise an assistant’s anniversary with the company or for your college interns who are moving on with their education.

Do you sponsor any of the amateur touring teams or hold sailing events for a local school? Children love being rewarded with special items in competitions even more than adults do. And, the adults will long remember the elegant sporting plaques that you presented to the winners. One of our crystal bases in any colour of your choice with a glistening metal emblem on top puts the award in a proud place on the mantel or bookcase.

Keeping a few “Happy Birthday” custom trophies in your cabinet to use in place of the standard well-wisher card tells your associate, client or that hard-to-reach sales manager that you value their relationship and position. Tuck in a gift certificate to their favourite luncheon café to add to their special day.

Every boss is looking for some way to motivate their workers and let them know how important their position with the company really is. How much fun would it be to have Silly Day Races and give out trophies embedded with a trolley coin inside it? One businessman provided an additional hour at lunch and had his warehouse workers compete against each other on the computers and his office staff raced the clock to find items in the warehouse. The trophies are still proudly displayed in the winners’ work spaces! To this day, the two departments who rarely met were laughing and teasing each other weeks later.

One of our greatest assets as a trophy supplier is that we can create things that have never been created before. With options like adding colours, dimensional engraving and beveled edges, creating a fashion statement for the desk or golden treasure for the library is an easy matter.

It isn’t often that you can order directly from the manufacturer – especially when it involves having your own custom designs created just for your business. By ordering directly from us, you can keep your promotional budget under control and create your own loot bag for seminars and industry showcases.

Who wouldn’t want to contact the company that included a gorgeous 3-D glass miniature of the product they were showing? Or which speaker wouldn’t appreciate a desk cube with a laser-engraved floating image of a document or book floating inside?

For the holidays, have several lazurite three-dimensional icon plaques ready for the sales reps that drop by hoping to get an order from you. Setting it on his desk at the office will show the boss just how well-respected he is in the field.

Could anything be more beautiful, than the sight of a three dimensional, laser engraved futbol depicting the name of your country or city, like Australia, or Melbourne? That is a something you would proudly display, and point out to all your visitors.

Is there anything more disheartening than to be the recipient of a trophy made of cheap plastic? I don’t think so, but maybe it’s just a little bit better than nothing. Can you imagine the look on an employee’s face - when they are honored for outstanding work with one customised, cut glass trophies?