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Promotional printed rulers & custom measures NZ

The ruler is one of the most common measurement tools found around the globe. Used by children and adults alike, this small implement comes in all shapes, sizes, and colours. Although it is a universal tool, each one can easily be customised to display your companies branding or message, this is awesome for brand awareness or to create a corporate identity. Some of our rulers even offer additional features, like calculators, multiple units of measurement and of course they are all available custom branded. Don't hesitate, just reach out to us now and we can assist you in producing a great promotional item for your next campaign. These are great for schools, Universities, large corporate companies and even small businesses as a giveaway gift.

A traditional item for a modern branding campaign

For many years, rulers were rather plain and boring. Traditionally made of wood with black ink printed measurements, very little variety  existed other than the look and placement of the manufacturer's name. People can now find this implement available in various coloured or clear plastics as well as aluminum or stainless steel materials with all sorts of companies logos and branding emblazoned down the length. Newer rulers may also include added-on devices, like a sticky note dispenser, or electronics to help serve a secondary purpose.

Other bespoke ruler options we have created in the past include doubling as a level, ink pen, or even letter opener. The addition of such features also means that these tools come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. A ruler could be as small as 15cm and contain a standard flat surface while others may measure a foot long and be triangular in shape. Of course, many of our customers choose a simple plastic ruler with their logo printed in 1-2 colours, And this is very economical for the small business owner looking for an affordable giveaway, or even a larger corporate that needs thousands of rulers for a event or a huge marketing campaign. 

Affordable branding for your business

Advances in our production technology have made rulers much more appealing and cost effective to produce. While a child wants something unique and creative for school, businesses see the product as an inexpensive way to advertise their brand. Since the ruler is most commonly seen as a useful tool, most professionals, schools, and households tend to hold onto them for long periods of time, this kind of long term branding is invaluable for your company's business foundation.

This is what makes them such a great promotional piece. With a creative design, size, shape, or add-on, Custom branded rulers can benefit both the seller or advertiser and the user. The ability to personalise these implements allows children to have pride in their school, gives businesses a way to casually promote their brand, or creates a uniform tool that a group of people can use for several different purposes.

The major benefits of promotional rulers

The best part is that this customisation does not cost a lot so it keeps everyone's cost down. This gives manufacturers the opportunity to strive for customer satisfaction. They will do whatever it takes to offer the lowest possible price while still providing a premium product. This includes beating competitors' pricing, offering free design work to those who can't do their own, and providing fast delivery service. No corners are cut and only quality materials are used. Customers who appreciate this type of service should research companies from all corners of the globe to find the one that has their best interest at heart.

Rulers are a very utilitarian device. With two primary forms of measurement dominating the world, our custom rulers are available with a choice of between the metric and U.S. customary systems. When these standard units of measure are combined with all of the other options available to print or build into a ruler, a useful, customised piece of art is created that owners will not casually toss aside. Organisations, individuals, and businesses who want a valued tool that will be around for years to come should take the time to find the most thorough and value-based rulers.

Putting a useful product into a demographic's hand is a key way to effectively promote a brand. And we will help you do it, Contact us today on [email protected]