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Corporate Branded Backpacks & School Bags

A backpack is one of the most useful types of bags to use, and many people reach for a backpack for a variety of reasons. Backpacks can be used for school, weekend getaways, and carrying a computer around. A high quality backpack is often a preferred bag to use, because there are many pockets and storage areas within the backpack, and it offers an easy way to carry items around and still keep your hands free at the same time.

Branded backpacks & school backpacks

Unlike tote bags, our backpacks are carried around for years. People given one of these items will literally be wearing your brand on their back. There isn't many branding options better than that.

You can create customised backpacks for giveaways, gifts, and fundraising items. These bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and some of them offer unique custom features such as a space to hold a laptop, or side pockets to carry water bottles. These are not just promotional backpacks either, they can be supplied as part of school equipment or staff items.

Sometimes backpacks are used by large corporations as giveaways, and other times these printed backpacks are used by sports teams. They are ideal in a corporate environment to carry around laptops, tablets, paperwork, and other office supplies. Sports teams make good use of customised sports bags, because each player can store their supplies and have them easily accessible when they are heading to the next game or a practice session.

Printed Backpacks or Duffel Bags

As you can see on our website, we offer a variety of printed backpacks as well as duffel bags. Here at Dynamic Gift, our goal is to provide you with the best types of promotional bags to match the needs of your company. If you are in an office environment, then we can help you to find a bag that will match the equipment that your employees are carrying around. Or, if you are part of a sports team, then we can help you to find a sturdy sports bag that will last through the season.

All of these bags are branded in New Zealand, and we will work with you to identify the right logo and brand to print on the side of the bag. We have in-house designers who are available to help, and you will be able to take advantage of a free design review to make sure the logo will look good on the bag.

We have a massive range

We have backpacks, computer bags, sports bags, duffel bags, and anything else that you can imagine. Some of our popular items include embroidered backpacks or printed backpacks, which have the company logo printed on the main portion of the backpack. We can even manufacture you a branded backpack with adjustable shoulder straps or handles. We then brand with your logo in embroidery or printing. This strategic printing allows other people to see your company brand anytime the backpack is in use.

The type of backpack that you choose will determine the materials that are available. These products are created using everything from premium poly canvas to 100% fine grain leather materials. Once you select the bag of your choice, we can discuss the printing options to make sure that your logo will stay in place. For example certain materials can't be printed on, so embroidery is often a better option in that situation.

We can help with your backpack needs

If you need help finding the right printed backpacks or embroidered backpacks for your company, school, or sports team, then we invite you to contact us today so that we can discuss the options that are available. We offer fast delivery to areas including Auckland, NZ, and any other location around the world.