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Promotional Phone Accessories Custom Branded.

Your phone makes a statement about who you are. Decorate it. Protect it. Own it. That is what everyone who has a smartphone should do. As you decorate your phone, you can use it to market your personal company or brand. With the series of promotional phone accessories (including iPhone covers) that are available at Dynamic Gift, you can shop around for some creative ways to incorporate your phone in your brand promotional strategy.


In an extensive variety of colours, in personalised designs that last longer, you can get these soft, smart stylus screen cleaners that can be your client’s constant companion whether at work, outside, or at home. Dust marks and imprints ruin a phone’s screen far more quickly than they are cleaned. With this microfiber cleaner, everyone is entitled to enjoying their device’s functions to their maximum, without worrying about the phone being damaged.

Speakers and Earphones

Where’s the fun in watching a video or playing a game without some quality background sound to assist it? Our collection of speakers is not just perfect, but beyond comparison in providing you some great fun time. In the like of Speakerboxx (integrating power and audio connecting cables), Wingman Travel Speaker, the Mushroom Travel Speaker, the Bluetooth Solo Speaker, Havoc Speaker, the Can Speaker bring forth to your clients powerful sound system that is usually rechargeable through a USB port and is conveniently portable to take it along with you everywhere.

The Apollo Ear Buds and the colour Pop Ear Buds come along with a mic that allows them the option of talking hands free. Aptly named, the Hades on ear, besides the Atlas Headphones and Retractable Ear Buds, will impress you with their sound output. Additionally, they have their clear protective cases for storage or transport.

Cases, Covers Holders, Totes and Bags

We take note of your smartphone accessories and so our products are ingeniously designed to satisfy each customer. One such example is the Scripto Pacesetter for iPad that has an iPad storage built into its cover along with a screen cleaner, an elastic Stylus loop and a writing pad included for a better user experience. They are thick and durable protection. Another special feature that we have as a case to meet the standards of Galaxy Note 2 includes both the protective features of a case while letting you charge and sync your phone with the back-up rechargeable battery.

Second, with the technology that becoming popular, the organizer case proves to be handy for all those who need to have and carry around their tech products but are unable to do so. They work with items of all shapes and sizes although ideally, most users have them for MP3 players, flashdrives, and cameras. They also have a zippered pouch inside. The designs vary from vintage to modern.

Using top-quality silicone, smartphone holders make great place to leave your iPhone, Blackberry, or Android OS phone while charging them. And finally, the totes. Boasting a flair trendy colours, this group have a separate main compartment, a front pocket to hold most tablets, eReaders, and iPads, and water bottle pocket. Whether or not your clients come from business backgrounds, the tote collection is a perfect gift to offer as a combination of style and usefulness especially if you pack them up with our assortment of Zoom grabs and Zoom stands/media holders. The Messenger Bags, serving a similar purpose, are different only in their compartmentalization and storage capacity.


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