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Golf is one of the most expensive sports for average consumers. Therefore, promotional golf items will be a big hit for your target audience. And our range of corporate branded golf products are available with your logo imprinted in many shapes and forms to promote your message to potential high value clients. Talk to us today for a 100% free quote and a virtual mock up of your products with no obligation to proceed.

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Corporate Golf Items Will Promote Your Brand To A High Value Audience

With the sport’s upper-class reputation, even lower-priced promo items will carry a significant perceived value and will reflect an upscale image for your products, services, and business. Read on to learn some tips on choosing golf-themed giveaway items.

Choose a Reusable, Practical, and Multipurpose Product

Even golf-centric marketing efforts can benefit from the use of multipurpose products. Things such as golf shirts, caps, water bottles, sunglasses, insulated coolers, hand towels, and umbrellas may be imprinted with your company’s logo. These items are equally useful to golf hobbyists and the general public, whether or not they’re hitting the course.

Use Golf Items as Free Advertising

Any promo golf item that may be carried or worn can be turned into a form of free advertising. For instance, customised golf shirts aren’t just for the golf course. Sometimes known as sport or polo shirts, these garments easily double as casual uniforms for sales teams. Depending on your marketing budget and the quantity of items required, it may help to consider other apparel types such as imprinted t-shirts, sweatshirts, and windbreakers. If it can be worn, we can turn it into a walking billboard for your company.

Golf and Business are Easily Mixed

For decades, people have combined business dealing and golf, which makes corporate workers ideal targets for golf-themed promotions. However, while this is true, it’s important to consider the fact that not every businessperson is good at (or even likes) golf. In certain industries, a good golf game is regarded as a crucial business skill, and deals often come out of the relationships developed during golf games.

There’s No Off-Season for Golfers

Whilst the golfing season typically runs from April to October in most parts of the world, here in New Zealand, we can enjoy the game year-round. That makes it easier to time your promotions and choose the right promotional golf items.

Consider Golf Etiquette When Choosing Promo Items

When selecting corporate golf gifts, it’s crucial to consider the etiquette rules that make up such a big part of the game. Choose products that complement the game’s less-obvious qualities. Golfers are supposed to be quiet and polite, and items such as bag tags, club brushes, divot fixers, ball markers, and caps encourage good etiquette and a clean, professional appearance. In fact, you can combine some of these small items into a golfer’s care kit.

Think of the Universal Appeal of Golf Humor

Not all recipients like golf, and that’s perfectly acceptable. Market to non-golfers by combining corporate golf gifts with common references from golf movies and relatable quotes. Depending on how well some popular golfers are performing, it may help to hold a golf promotion in order to capitalise on that person’s success. In doing so, remember to choose prizes and giveaway items that appeal to golf enthusiasts at every skill level.

The game of golf has a long and storied history, and it continues to be one of the world’s most popular sports. Cash in on golf’s popularity and get some great publicity by holding a golf-themed promotion using some of our great products. With our location in Auckland, New Zealand and our fast delivery times, it’s easy to see why we’re one of the best choices for golf promo items. Call today for more details.