UV Detector Keyring


Min Order Qty: 100 units

UV keyrings are Hot this season! with increasing UV rays and worries about skin cancer these nifty keyrings are perfect for indicating the current uv levels within your area.
Available custom printed in up to 4 colours or embossed / debossed with your logo these UV keyrings can be customised to any level.

UV Detector Keyring

UV Detector Keyring

Apply sunscreen

The UV Indicator with Keychain is an absolute requirement for summer promotions. the idea is that people are warned against harmful UV rays. The UV indicator can assist people in protecting themselves from harmful UV rays. Combining this with your logo on the reverse side makes this item the perfect promotional giveaway to help with awareness.

It can be made in various sizes, shapes and colours. Default size is available at 45x40mm excluding keyrin.

Manufactured from hypoallergenic photochromic silicone it can indicate low, medium, high or extreme levels of solar rays.

The 4 colour indicators go from the clearest to the darkest in function of the minus or greater intensity of UV rays as per the scale below:

Low intensity : UV index 1-2 (safe level - protection is not necessary)
Moderate intensity: UV index 3-5 (moderate UV rays - protection required: put a t-shirt, sun glasses, hat and sun protection).
High intensity: UV index 6-7 (High UV rays - protection is necessary: put a t-shirt, sun glasses, hat, sun protection).
Very high / Extreme intensity: UV index 8-9-10 / 11 + (avoid outdoors).

Apply sunscreen on the transparent plastic film covering the center area of the indicator and it can indicate when to reply the sun screen.

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