Double Ender Trolley Coin


A Range of trolley coins custom imprinted with your branding or logo.

With more and more stores now opting for the $2 deposit on shopping trolleys. You can understand why promotional trolley coins make a very practical and convenient way of carrying your message.

Made to the exact dimensions of a Two Dollar Coin. One dollar coin, Pound, NZ or US Dollars. We can Manufacture Trolley Coins to any shape or size.

Decoration methods include: 1 to 4 colour design, double or single sided trolley coins made to any specification. We can also print photographic images and gradients with clear epoxy coating for a more customisable print option.

Minimum Order: 100 Units

Double Ender Trolley Coin

Double Ender Trolley Coin


Metal Coatings & Finishes


A practice that is becoming very popular in stores that is uncommon in the U.S., although ubiquitous in Europe and many parts of Canada, is requiring a coin, or a reusable coin-sized token which may be purchased from the Stores, to use a shopping trolley. When the coin or token is inserted, the trolley is unlocked from the other trolleys. When the cart is returned, the customer is refunded his or her coin, so in effect this costs the customer nothing.

However one of the major stores implementing these trolley coins Aldi has had a massive success rate with loss and return of shopping trolleys.

In many stores now, the customer has to pay a small deposit by inserting a coin, which is returned if and when the customer returns the cart to a designated cart parking point. The motivation behind the deposit systems is not theft deterrent since the trolley is worth significantly more than the deposit, however through this fee the retailer seeks to reduce the expense of their employees having to gather the carts that were not returned, and to avoid damages by runaway trolleys.

Although common in Europe, the deposit system has not been widely adopted in the United States, with the exception of some chains like Aldi in the UK, who require a $2.00 deposit. are now using trolley coins

In New Zealand, deposit systems are common in some local government areas as they have been made compulsory by local law. Usually, all ALDI stores, and most Coles and Safeway stores will have a lock mechanism on their trolley which requires a $1 or $2 coin to unlock. $2 coin devices are now becoming more common however.

The Trolley coin is going to be a massive promotional item in the coming months, with more and more companies implementing this trolley deposit people will be searching for an alternative to 2 dollar coins!

And this is when your brand or logo can be used and displayed!

Why would I need one?

(1) How often have you tried to use a shopping trolley,only to find out that you do not have a pound coin to hand?
(2) You are about to put your clothes into your locker and realise that you don't have a pound coin.

How do I use it?

Simply attach the coin substitute token to your key ring, and when in need of a pound coin, simply detach the token and pop it into your trolley or locker.

Once finished using the token, retrieve it, then attach to the key ring for the next time of use.

Never be without a pound coin again!

Promotional benefits

The best promotional Gift in the marketplace.

Your business card on a key ring!

Double sided, full colour (pantone matched), promoting your logo, website, and telephone number

A tactile and subliminal reminder of your company or cause. guaranteed to be seen many times a day

Your customer will always be reminded of you, and will they will have the pound for life in time of need.

Your customer will always have your point of contact details to hand

Your customer also has the potential to refer their friends to your company cause.

What other promotional tool will stay with your customer for years?

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