Neoprene Wine Glass Lanyards

Neoprene Wine Glass Lanyards

Wine is a massive industry in today’s world. It is a space that has manufacturers, sellers, tasters, collectors and of course, consumers. So it does make a lot of sense for a business organisation to use this space to make its presence felt right? And what better way to do it than with wine glass lanyards.

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Product Details

Branded wine lanyards are perfect as promotional items because they are:

  • Unique.
  • Innovative.
  • Useful to the person concerned.
  • Capable of being used multiple times.
  • An eye-catching way to put your business presence out there.

Who should use it?

Given the useful and inventive nature of wine glass lanyards, it makes sense for almost any business organisation to use this product to promote themselves. However, niche or specific industries and sectors such as the following may find this product even more useful:

  • Wine sellers and manufacturers.
  • Accessories manufacturers – makers of glasses, corkscrews, or even cheese manufacturers.
  • People who conduct course for careers as sommeliers and so on.

The convenience factor

A wine lanyard is a very useful product. For people who belong to wine clubs or have to taste different kinds of wines very often, it means a ‘hands free’ experience. They can use the lanyards to suspend their wine glasses – even when it is full of wine. This leaves their hands free to write down their notes or even snack on accompaniments and even meet and greet people around them. Of course, it eliminates the risk of a dropped wine glass too!

When you choose to go with branded wine lanyards it would be good for you to choose the right combination of colours so that you can extend your brand message and corporate presence on this product as well. Fittings and clips such as lobster clips, trigger clips and even heavy duty ‘D’ rings also look good and can enable the lanyard to hold the glass safely.

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