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Inflatable Wavey Air Dancer

Market your site effectively with these inexpensive promotional air dancers. Air dancers are sure to get you noticed. These crazy people are dancing in the wind to attract attention, on site advertising. Available in red, yellow, blue, green, orange, purple or black or white.

Benefits of Inflatable Wavey Air Dancer

1. Target your market completely and immediately! 2. Become a landmark in your community 3. An air dancer provides 24 hours of on-site advertising 4. Create brand awareness while promoting impulse buying 5. Ideal when you provide instructions to customers 6. Inflatable advertising offers huge savings on traditional media such as television, radio, newspapers, magazines and billboards 7. Thousands of people will become aware of your event at a fraction of the cost 8. Use again and again at all your events!


Printed logos, Full colour printing.


Custom made from 2 to 10 metres in height. Excluding blower.

Pantone colour

An inflatable tube man flapping in the wind just brings a smile to everyone’s face as well as allowing customers to use him as a landmark to note when traveling or giving someone directions. This word of mouth will extend your advertising beyond what the eye can see. Due to their size and clarity, the fonts are readable from very far away.

In addition, you can customise the size, shape and design to promote your company the way you always wanted to. We use wavy man as one example, but if you choose to use promotional airdancers, Dynamic offers unlimited choices.

Our lovable inflatable’s can vary in height from 2 – 10 metres, option to use of a few small ones to add attention to your sales booth or a storefront. Their dancing movements are great for drawing the crowds- and youngsters as well as adults love them. They parade your slogans in the colour and lettering you design.

Can you imagine what a novel attraction this could be to your business or even a bachelor party? Just imagine inviting all your friends or co-workers to a community event and using custom air dancers to direct people to a certain parking lot or place.
Marketing an event could not be easier. Decide what points you want to develop and how they relate to your products.
 Once you’ve made those choices, design a promotional tool to accentuate your company. It will be an investment initially, but using customised products rather than generic is what will make your name stand out. When they walk away, they will all remember the logo on that air dancer.

Setup is simple and the air blower is included along with a year warranty. The quality of materials used and the integrity of construction are unsurpassed. All seams are reinforced to meet the durability we demand.  They are then sealed and stitched again for superior strength, and they are fade resistant for up to five years ensuring your purple won’t turn to pink.

The prospect of custom colours makes it easy to incorporate with your existing promotions, so we offer all the options we can. You can have the materials sent to you ready to be personalised, or you can use our free artwork and designs with unlimited revisions. Prior to ordering, the designs are created in a two dimensional preview for your convenience. If you are unsure how the design will actually look, a sample can be produced for a small fee. Once the design is acceptable, production to delivery is complete in as little as five days.  Our goal is to simplify the process and give you a product you sincerely like.

If time is a critical factor, Dynamic Gifts speed and reliability is outstanding. Items that are branded or custom printed don’t slow us down. We understand our customers’ needs and strive to exceed them. One advantage is our office in Auckland - it is primed and ready to supply all of New Zealand Nationwide.

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    Free Artwork Design

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    Rush Service Available

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