Custom Promotional Webcam Covers With Your Logo

Whether you’re an international spy or you just want to keep your sensitive information from prying eyes, it’s important to keep certain things hidden. In today’s world of technology a little branded gift can promote your brand but a branded webcam cover could promote your brand while giving your potential clients a handy and useful item that provides them with piece of mind. Enquire now for a no obligation quote and a free virtual sample of your design.

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Product Details

Custom Printed Webcam Covers

With custom printed webcam covers, you can revitalise your company’s marketing efforts and give your customers something they’re looking for. Read further to find out how our webcam covers are helping companies and customers all over New Zealand retain their privacy.

Brightening Up Corporate Branding

The webcam first came into play in 1991, less than a decade after the Internet became common. It was created so researchers at Cambridge University knew when to make a fresh pot of coffee, but today’s webcams serve a much broader purpose. They’re a key part of online communications, and they make it easy to put a face with a name. However, it’s easy to forget the camera is running. With one of our branded webcam covers, your secrets are safe and your company will become more recognisable.

Keeping an Element of Mystery

Sometimes, one simply needs to go incognito. Maybe a customer is planning a surprise birthday party for an inquisitive in-law, or you need to check prices at a competitor’s shop. For those times when it’s best to remain mysterious, a promotional web camera cover is the way to go.

These useful promo items have your company logo or contact information printed on the cover. You may choose from several imprint colours that will appeal to all your tech-savvy customers. Better still, you can use them as corporate gifts, handing them out to your office workers so they can cover their webcams at the end of a long work day.

Adding a Little Heavy Metal to Customers’ Day

Your customers likely take enormous pride in their digital devices, and as such, they want their accessories to have the same sleek look. In such cases, aluminium custom printed webcam covers help them stay incognito with style. Whilst these covers are just as useful and functional as the plastic variety, they have a sophisticated edge that makes them irresistible.

Aluminium branded webcam covers are available in either a silver or black finish, which is a perfect way to match your customers’ computer monitor, iPad, or laptop. With a promotional web camera cover engraved with the company’s logo, customers can keep their personal information concealed in a classy, stylish way. When hackers see it, they’ll be too impressed with its style and class to even attempt to steal a customer’s info. Furthermore, they’ll see your business’ logo right on the cover, and perhaps they’ll relinquish their criminal lifestyle to come and work for you. After all, one never knows!

Call Us Today to Learn More About Webcam Covers

Our company is focused on staying updated with the greatest and latest trends in promotional products. Customised webcam covers are one of our most popular products, especially for our tech and e-commerce clients. Our offices are located in Auckland, which means we have fast turnaround times and shipping to all parts of New Zealand. Call us today to learn more or to request a quote.

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