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Premium promotional towels printed in full colour reactive printing. Or for a more elegant feel try our high stitch count embroidery.
Promotional towels are perfect a promotional product, summer promotional gifts or for sports promotions. Our beach towels are available in a range of colour combinations with logo embroidery or screen printing and reactive full colour options available.

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Promotional Towels.

A bath towel is used for drying a persons body after bathing or showering. It is typically rectangular, with a typical size around 30"×60" (75×150 cm). A large bath towel is sometimes called a bath sheet. Some smaller bath towels are designed for use as bath mats. These bath towels also offer some value as a promotional towel

# A beach towel is usually a little bit larger than a bath towel. Although it is often used for drying off after being in the water, its chief purpose is to provide a surface to lie on to relax or just to tan. They are also worn for privacy while changing clothes in a public area, and for wiping sand from the body or objects. Beach towels often have colourful patterns printed or woven into them.

Top hotels use 800gsm towels which feature a soft and luxurious feel when compared to other promotional towels and you will often find these towels at resorts and hotels worldwide.

Foot towels are small, rectangular towels which, in the absence of a rug, carpet or bathroom mat, is placed on the bathroom floor to stand on after finishing a shower or bath.

A hand towel is significantly smaller than a promotional bath towel (perhaps 30x60 cm), and is used for drying hands and is also sometimes used as a gym towel.

An Owen towel is a multi-purpose household towel used for a kitchen or shop applications. The term came into use within Irish communities after a textile mogul, Owen Valley created the line based on his own towel experiences.[1]

The term kitchen towel can refer to either a dish towel or to a paper towel, the latter usage being primarily British. These promotional kitchen towels are also available fully printed or embroidered with your choice of branding.

A show towel is a subspecies of the common bath or hand towel that has had trim, such as satin, lace or linen stitched onto it, or embroidery done on it, mainly to simply "look nice". They are used to add a decorative touch, usually to a bathroom, most commonly in the USA. Promotional show towels are often not used to dry things as they have more of a decorative roll.

A sports towel, or (synthetic) chamois, are promotionsl towels used by swimmers and divers. It is a super absorbent towel that wipes water away and when it becomes too wet and can be squeezed to get the water out of the towel so it can be used again. Promotional synthetic towels are also available, please enquire for information.

Sweat towels are often of similar size to a hand towel, and can be required in gyms in order to wipe down the machines after use. Many gyms opt for a promotional gym towel To be sold, or hired to members and guests when attending gym sessions. These towels not only serve a purpose but also promote the gyms name and branding.

A flannel or washcloth , or face cloth is a small square about the width of a hand towel, and is used by wetting, applying soap to the towel, and then using the towel to apply the soap to skin. This increases abrasion, and can be used inhotels and resorts as a guest item. Combined with custom branding such as printing or embroidery these towels serve to add a little touch of luxury and professionalism.

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