A4 Portfolio with Solar Calculator

Promotional portfolio compendium featuring a colourised interior for a vibrant touch. With your logo branded onto the front section of the folio. Manufactured from premium grade leatherette and hand assembled these folder compendiums are double stitched and sure to impress your clients.

A4 Portfolio with Solar Calculator

A4 Portfolio with Solar Calculator


22 x 18 x 3cm

Never before thought reasons to use a compendium!

Yes, we all have our iPhone, Android and tablets to assist us in all daily life functions. Your world is literally your cellular phone and arguably for many reasons. Yet, one would find a lot of people using pocket diaries, compendiums or A4 portfolios with calculators etc. Here's where you will find why. A majority of professional tech-savvy, artists or just students love writing their world into compendium folders that usually are manufactured from premium grade leather, or just give you the basic function of assembling all your important things together.   

  • Electronic devices run on rechargeable battery! Your cellular phone containing necessary notes could certainly drain out of charge before an important meeting.
  • Efficient use of stationary is the best way to promote your brand or company! customise an A4 Portfolio adept with a solar calculator with the company's logo as a brand accessory.
  • Keep your daily expenses, investments and mutual funds in check by making regular notes as well as calculating your expenditure and savings.
  • Have some crazy ideas, thoughts or just quotes you love that you would love to note down immediately, an A4 Portfolio with calculator will help in writing them down, best even, you can draw!
  • Cell phones have software issues or interfacing downfalls that would not let you freely use your mind.
  • A portfolio compendium of this kind gives you the safe and private place to slide in your cheques, important receipts or papers or just those random little things you would hold onto.
  • You can physically have all your visiting cards, coupons, lists or any sheet of paper etc in the various sections that come with a compendium


Writing is the most generic skill we are equipped with. One can flow deeper into their thoughts, apply logic, figure solutions to difficult problems, plan schedules, or just simply open their heart to a piece of paper when they write. If you would know such a person in your life, this compendium would bring true happiness to them, making it a great way to gift themselves the freedom of writing and collecting their thoughts.


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