9 Function Multi Cool

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9 function multi tool with LED flashlight, in ABS and stainless finish. Complete with batteries and black presentation box.

9 Function Multi Cool

9 Function Multi Cool


145 x 45mm dia


30 x 12mm


Pad or Engrave

Birth of a Legend

          The seed of the idea of a multi tool device has been around widely since the time of the World wars. Soldier Knife, was the first proper utility multi tool device that came into being. An original model, made especially for troops. Soldiers fighting and traveling over days of war needed a fold-able tool that could easily open canned food, be used in administering first aid as well as in dis-assembling a rifle. Usually equipped with five functions, 'The Soldier Knife' included a blade for cutting, a reamer, a can opener, a screwdriver, and oak handles.

The Multi tool finally found its progress by inventor Karl Elsener, owner of the very popular manufacturing company called Victoronix, created in 1891 and came to be known as the 'Swiss Army Knife'. Elsener went above and beyond with his creation and created a knife with a pivot point mechanism that allowed for the addition of numerous tools, such as a knife blade, can opener, screwdriver, nail file, and many others. Hence the 9 function multi tool came into existence. Today this very Swiss Army Knife has factories in Ibach and Delemont, the Swiss towns where multi tool knives have been made for more than 100 years. Amid the pounding of machines and the bins of knife implements on the factory floor, workers assemble knife after knife to meet the world’s demand of 9 function multi tool devices.

Today, similar multi tool function knives have blades, corkscrews, files, punches, can openers, scissors, saws, and tiny toothpicks which have been long time features of the Swiss Army Knife. 21st century has brought about even more advances in this highly efficient utility tool. As they now come with touches like laser pointers, USB storage drives, fingerprint scanners with data encryption built in and even flashlights. All the implements, from blades to data drives, are foldable or set on springs to disappear when not in use.

These functions have now given a whole new outlook and using ability to the 9 function multi tool which can be used in numerous situations like an office meeting power point presentation, data transfer and storage to name a few. Not only making it an amazing and effective gift for your colleagues who love army gadgets but also for household purposes and general use. We all find ourselves in daily life situations where these tools could come in handy. The purpose of cutting, nail filing, opening bottles, finding things during an electricity cut or just as an accessory that goes handy with a manly personality, the 9 function multi tool can do it all. One can now fashion his/her own multi tool device with carvings and custom made graphics on its handle. Companies can well use it for branding and marketing purposes. Highly recommended for travelers, sports adventure junkies or forest campers, this tool can handily take care of all situations and needs without having to carry various items. As they say, sometimes it's the small things that have big applications, and it falls very true to this invention.


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