3 Compartment pill box

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Stylish promotional pill box offers a handy place to store medication. With 1 large compartment and 2 smaller compartments this pill box has enough storage to accomodate most peoples needs.

3 Compartment pill box

3 Compartment pill box


77 x 65 x 20mm

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Top Lid: 44 x 15mm / Bottom lids: 22 x 15mm

Minimum Order: 250 Units

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The “Medication organiser”- 3 Compartment Pill Box

We don’t need to consume medicines or pills only when suffering through an infection, disease or flu. Supplementary vitamins, tablets or energy boosters are also important to consider while we fail to eat right and healthy through the course of our busy life schedules.
Here are 5 People who must own this convenient “Medication organiser”.

Diabetic/Blood Pressure Patients.
These conditions are hereditary and generally affect the elderly age groups, but with the growing advances of medical science, one can still live a healthy and happy life regardless of this condition. All it takes is due care and attention to your health needs as well as taking the proper prescribed medication at all times. This can be made easy by using a medicine organiser such as the “3 compartment pill box” which houses your pills in a simple manner making them more accessible and easy-to-use.

Sports Players/Athletes/Gymnasts
The human body has its natural functions that provide with essential vitamins like riboflavin, B complex, Vitamin C/A/D etc, but due to various external reasons and especially the lifestyles we live in today, the body fails to produce the correct quantities of essential enzymes our body’s need, leading to tiredness/fatigue. In this case we see sports people adhering to certain multivitamins to balance their body needs. The portable pill boxes help organising your daily dose of strength and energy, keeping it away from sunlight as well as in good condition without you having to pay much attention other than just consuming it on time.

Young adults involved in numerous co-curricular activities.
Processed and packaged food stuff is the easiest for youngsters to bite their hungry teeth into, but they do not fulfil the major vitamins and energy requirements of the body. Owing to these factors, you see conditions like uneven skin tone, dry/rough skin, hair fall etc in young adults before the onset of mature years. The 3 compartment pill box is an ideal everyday carry item for them, as it is small, convenient and fancy looking to remind them to get their supply of nutrients in time throughthe course of the day.

Men/Women in their early 40’s to late 50’s
As they say, “In the 21st century, life only begins at 40!” With the pressures of both professional and personal life, carrying those important health pills would only sustain and help you live a happier as well as cheerfully healthy life. The many things yet left to experience can only be tasted if there is more energy, activeness and less health problems. Use the 3 compartment pill box as a dynamic gift to yourself. Nicely stock your pills and keep them close for consumption as you go through your day.

Home-nursed patients with chronic medical conditions.
Fatal or ill health is a fate that can happen to anybody, but one can choose to find windows of feeling independent yet. Pill boxes are ideal for patients of heart diseases, dialysis or short term treatments of pneumonia like diseases.

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