13 Function Multi Tool

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Stainless steel multi tool which has 13 functions and an aluminium grip. Includes a black pouch and presented in a black hinged gift box.

13 Function Multi Tool

13 Function Multi Tool

Print colours available

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Product dimensions

Multi Tool - Folded: 96mm(w) x 43mm(h) x 26mm(d).
Box size: 100mm(h) x 140mm(w) x 46mm(d).

Printing area

Pad/Laser - On Tool: 5mm(h) x 50mm(w). Pad
On Pouch: 30mm(w) x 20mm(h). Pad
On Box: 60mm(w) x 50mm(h)

Branding methods

Pad / Engrave

Further information

“Pocket Survival Tool”- The Classic Accessory

A Multi-function tool could save you!
> Need to provide first aid.
> Tighten the stems of your eyeglasses.
> Open a bottle of beer, your teeth’s enamel is precious.
> Cutting through those stubborn packages
> Fishing, You never know when you need one.

When survival demands it; we human beings are well efficient and pretty good at pulling or pushing, tearing, chewing, and grabbing at things. The one thing, no matter how hard we tried, we cannot do is- Cut things!

Yes, one impossible feat to attempt is cutting with your bare hands. You would just need a cutting tool as an aid, and what if you can’t find one in the dire of situations?

Keeping a knife or even a Pocket survival tool like a 13 Function Multipurpose tool handy in your pocket or handbag at all times gives you the freedom to easily, immediately and mostly single-handedly respond to virtually any task that needs cutting.

We often gather a clutter of various functionality tools around our home space, in utility or office bags and even the workplace. A pair of scissors or a knife/blade to cut, plier to cut through wires, bottle openers, and nail filers etc , to add to the list of small metal objects sporadically placed around which is mostly used once in a while through many days.

Most of these items after a certain period of use wear out and need replacement. How many times have you lost those pair of scissors, misplaced them, bought new ones and then wondered about all the useless things you pile up around yourself. These cutting tools are meant to make our life easier, but how amazing would it be to have these basic functions combined and put together in a simple, light and easy to use device like the 13 function multi tool.

The ancient concept of combining various tools into a single device is as old as the idea of improving your own personal efficiency. Through the course of human history, generations has seen man improvise and commercialize devices with many uses to suit his many simple yet different needs.

6 Quick Reasons why you should own a super “Pocket Survival Tool”

•    Commonly used functions are easily accessible with minimal of unfolding and folding moves.

•    General purpose tools that cover a range of functions from scissor head pliers, small screwdriver, double tooth file, nail filer, wire cutter, cleaner, can/bottle opener and blade/fine edge knife etc.

•    A dynamic gifting option, packed in a black hinged box, for the “man in your life”, to add more to his “always there to rescue” persona.

•    13 functions multi tools are made of stainless steel which makes them long lasting as well as stain or corrosion proof.

•    Aluminium grip to make it lighter as well as look bolder.

•    Most importantly this multi-functional boon of a tool will only occupy a small but extremely useful place, reducing the clutter in your life.

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