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Branded Electronics and Gadgets: Corporate Gifts Your Employees Will Love: Electronics and gadgets make great employee or client gifts, because people love to receive those items to use in the office or at home. If you are gifting your employees with plain corporate gifts, then you are missing out on an opportunity to strengthen the brand of your company.

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  • USB i-phone Cover-20

    USB i-phone Cover

    Minimum order: 25 Units This Promotional i Phone covers are availab...
  • USB Smart Stylus-20

    USB Smart Stylus

    Minimum Order: 25 Units A slide out USB drive with a ipad, tablet, ...
  • USB Mixtape Drives-20

    USB Mixtape Drives

    A premium quality plastic usb drive with your logo branded on front ...

  • TR Golf Gadget-20

    TR Golf Gadget

    Multi tool with scorer, tees, divot repairer, pen, club & spike,...
  • TR Golf Belt Clip-20

    TR Golf Belt Clip

    Clips onto your belt with velcro to hold your gloves and ball marker...
  • PVC Screen Cleaners-20

    PVC Screen Cleaners

    PVC Screen cleaners imprinted with a logo or message on one side, an...

  • Handi Cable Wrap-20

    Handi Cable Wrap

    Simple but very useful item for keeping electronic accessories like ...
  • Pulse Power Bank-20

    Pulse Power Bank

    Description Slim 4000mAh power bank with a smart aluminium finish t...
  • Edison Power Bank-20

    Edison Power Bank

    Description Smart 5600mAh power bank that is ideal for charging mob...

  • 4 Way Sync Cable-20

    4 Way Sync Cable

    Minimum Order Qty: 100 units Awesome 4 port USB charging adaptor. T...
  • Vector 3 in 1 Charging Cord-20

    Vector 3 in 1 Charging Cord

    Minimum Order Qty: 100 units Compact USB card with built-in cables ...
  • Smart Watch-20

    Smart Watch

    Minimum Order Qty: 100 units The Smart Watch is a high quality opti...

  • Festive Treats-20

    Festive Treats

    Herb & Spice Mill All Butter Shortbread-100g, Salty Nuts from Th...
  • Deli Treats-20

    Deli Treats

    Jar of Wild Country Chutney or Mustard, The Baron' Salted Nuts, Pret...
  • The Gourmet Hamper-20

    The Gourmet Hamper

    Large Wooden Crate to Keep, Wild Country Grillhouse Mayonnaise or Ba...

  • LiveFit Fitness Band-20

    LiveFit Fitness Band

    Minimum Order Quantity: 50 units Livefit Fitness Band - the motivat...
  • Cobra Speaker-20

    Cobra Speaker

    Minimum Order Quantity: 25 units Soft touch finish Bluetooth / cabl...
  • Groove Speaker-20

    Groove Speaker

    Minimum Order Quantity: 25 units Soft touch finish Bluetooth / cabl...

To help the employee feel more loyalty for the company, give them something they can actually use.

Why Branded is Better

Branded electronics make great corporate gifts, and they allow you to show appreciation for the employee and spread your brand at the same time. These branded items are often used at their home and in public settings, which means that your company logo and brand are moving around where ever the employee goes.

Additionally, employees can feel a sense of pride each time they see the company logo. They will remember the nice gift they received from the company, and feel more commitment towards their job.

Printing Options

You can choose any of the office items available here on our website, and we will print your company information on the items. We have quality designers who can help you to create a good design if needed, or you can provide us with your pre-designed graphics.

Depending on the item, your logo may be printed or laser engraved, based on the materials that are being used. The printing can be done in black and white, or we also have other colours available for certain types of printing.

Quality and Selection

Here at Dynamic Gift, our goal is to provide you with a large selection of corporate electronics, at a price that you can afford. Our specialty is providing custom printed items, and we are fully committed to quality and excellence on every product that we sell.

Some of the branded gadgets that are available include: speakers, mobile phone accessories, chargers, mp3 players, fold-out tablet keyboards, USB drives, and many other options to choose from. We can help you to identify that items that will be useful for your employees.

Providing a useful item means that your employee will be more likely to use it on an ongoing basis. For example, a mini power bank is compact and easy to carry around, and it is a great tool to charge a phone or tablet on the go. You can print your company logo on the power bank, which builds a stronger brand for your company every time an employee pulls out their power bank to keep their mobile device charged and operable.

Electronics are some of the most useful items to give away, because people understand the value in those items. Small trinkets and novelty gifts might be set aside eventually if the employee doesn't have a long-term need for those items. But, electronics can be used on an ongoing basis, which means that the employee is likely to hold onto it for a longer period of time.

We are Here to Help

Dynamic Gifts is one of the leading promotional product providers in New Zealand. We are based in Auckland, NZ and we offer fast service and rush delivery if needed. You can have the peace of mind to know that you are getting a high quality product, because all of the electronics items that we sell come with a 10 year warranty on manufacturing.

Our specialty is providing custom printing or laser engraving on various items, to help you brand your company. Contact us today, and you can start working with one of our designers to create the perfect electronic items to give away to your employees and clients.

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