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Promotional desk & office gifts & ornaments

The gold standard of promotional give away items is to provide something of value that will be seen by your target audience again and again. That’s why office promotional desk and office accessories and décor are so effective; the inherent value of their perpetual utility is their strength.

We can provide you with a full line up of promotional office product options, from mobile device accessories, to high-end writing instruments, to pad and compendium folders. You name it, we have it! And if we don’t? We will find it for you.

All of our items can be customised and imprinted with your company name, brand, logo, message, contact information as you see fit. Our in-house design team will gladly assist you with the details. You need only request and our team will guide you through the customisation process.

Got questions? Feel free to contact us anytime. Our staff is more than willing to help, and will point you in the right direction. Check out our promotional desk office items and contact us when you’re ready.

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Desk & Office Items

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  • Full Colour Rulers-20

    Full Colour Rulers

    Fully customised plastic rulers manufactured in full CMYK photograph...
  • Zippered iPad Folder-20

    Zippered iPad Folder

    Zipperred A5 Compendium made from top grade nappa leather. Securely ...
  • PU Ipad Folder-20

    PU Ipad Folder

    Made from imitation leather exterior with imitation suede lining ins...

  • Sticky Notepad Kit 2-20

    Sticky Notepad Kit 2

    Promotional leather look notepad kit featuring 2 colour coded notepa...
  • Notepad Kit 3-20

    Notepad Kit 3

    Promotional leather look notepad kit that comes complete with colour...
  • Sticky Pad Pen Combo-20

    Sticky Pad Pen Combo

    A nifty promotional sticky notepad with a pen fitted to one side. Th...

  • Promo Piggy Bank-20

    Promo Piggy Bank

    What better way to promote your personal savings or cost cutting pro...
  • Non Slip Mat-20

    Non Slip Mat

    Preventing small items from sliding around on your desk or car dash ...
  • Microfibre Cloth W-Pouch-20

    Microfibre Cloth W-Pouch

    A synthetic mini cleaning cloth. A perfect promotional item that is ...

  • Jelly Bean Bag-20

    Jelly Bean Bag

    Minimum Order: 500 Bags. A Promotional jelly bean pack that co...
  • Jelly Bean Pillow-20

    Jelly Bean Pillow

    Minimum order qty: 500 units A jelly bean pack filled with jellybea...
  • Jelly Bean Tin-20

    Jelly Bean Tin

    Minimum Order: 500 Tins A Stainless tin that comes packed with...

  • Gel Wrist Mouse Pads-20

    Gel Wrist Mouse Pads

    Minimum order: 250 units These promotional gel padded mouse mats are ...
  • Multi Ruler-20

    Multi Ruler

    Description Translucent clip with a strong magnet. Colours Transl...
  • Magnifying Ruler-20

    Magnifying Ruler

    Description Design your own clock face in vibrant full colour. Col...

  • 15cm Mini Ruler-20

    15cm Mini Ruler

    Description Compact set of 3 mini wax highlighters with a convenien...
  • Flip Ruler-20

    Flip Ruler

    Slim line 8 digit battery powered calculator with a flip top key cov...
  • HB Pencil-20

    HB Pencil

    Description 30 gram bag of delicious mini jelly beans. Colours As...

  • HB Mini Pencil-20

    HB Mini Pencil

    Description 50 page spring loaded aluminium pocket note book comple...
  • Eraser-20


    Description Oval shaped mint card that contains 7 grams of sugar fr...
  • Carpenters Pencil-20

    Carpenters Pencil

    Description Translucent house shaped clip with a strong magnet. Co...

  • Coloured Pencil Set-20

    Coloured Pencil Set

    Description Unique clip with a strong magnet. Has a mechanism that ...
  • Mini Highlighter-20

    Mini Highlighter

    Description 5 plastic paper clips in a cost effective perforated st...
  • Highlighter-20


    Description Low cost reliable multiple function desk clock. Time da...

  • Trans Clip-20

    Trans Clip

    Description Small fully functional highlighter. Colours Yellow Pi...
  • House Clip-20

    House Clip

    Description Half size round HB pencil. Colours Natural White Yell...
  • Strip Clips-20

    Strip Clips

    Description Fits onto any lanyard and holds a 102 mm x 72 mm insert...

  • Roll-A-Clip-20


    Description A luxury 80 lined page hard cover note book complete wi...
  • Calculator with Mirror-20

    Calculator with Mirror

    Metal ruler with both centimeters and inches.
  • Opal Calculator-20

    Opal Calculator

    Minimum order quantity: 25 units The Opal Calculator is a small des...

  • Eco A5 Note Pad-20

    Eco A5 Note Pad

    A5 size, side opening wiro bound note pad. Both the cover and notebook...
  • Eco A7 Note Pad-20

    Eco A7 Note Pad

    Description 60 page, A7 lined note pad made from 100% recycled paper....
  • Flag Pad-20

    Flag Pad

    Pocket Rocket size note book which contains a pad of stick anywhere ad...

  • Pencil Case-20

    Pencil Case

      A unique desk clock with time date day alarm and temperature...
  • Memo Holder-20

    Memo Holder

    Description Book of 125 assorted colour stick anywhere flags. Colour...
  • Precision Mouse Mat-20

    Precision Mouse Mat

    A useful desk memo holder with a secure spring clip. Also ideal for ho...

  • Pencil Sharpener-20

    Pencil Sharpener

    Description Best selling note book with an 80 page pad in a sturdy pl...
  • Alpha A6 Note Book-20

    Alpha A6 Note Book

    Unique eraser that is printed full colour on both sides. There is no e...
  • Omega A5 Note Book-20

    Omega A5 Note Book

    80 page A5 size notebook complete with lined pages, an elastic closu...

  • Coloured Pencil Pack-20

    Coloured Pencil Pack

    Description:Handy conventional eraser.Colours:White.Dimensions:W 25m...
  • Prism Eraser-20

    Prism Eraser

    Description:P.U. portfolio complete with calculator pen and A6 size ...
  • Single Card Holder-20

    Single Card Holder

    Single Card holder with a keyring attached and having enough space t...

  • Double Card Holder-20

    Double Card Holder

    Description:Desk note paper holder with a convenient flip top lid. C...
  • Sigma A4 Note Book-20

    Sigma A4 Note Book

    Large 80 page notebook complete with lined pages, an elastic closure...
  • Magic Flags-20

    Magic Flags

    Description:Book of 125 assorted colour, stick anywhere flags.Colour...

  • Cameo Pocket Pad-20

    Cameo Pocket Pad

    Description:Flip top pocket pack complete with 110 assorted colour f...
  • Comet Note Pad-20

    Comet Note Pad

    Description:Stylish hard cover note book containing 2 different size...
  • Wax Highlighter-20

    Wax Highlighter

    If there’s one thing your employees and clients likely need, i...

  • Sticky Notebook-20

    Sticky Notebook

    Quality case bound outer with two different size stick pads and mu...
  • Flag Sets-20

    Flag Sets

    STICKY NOTE BOOK/FLAG SET 25 Sheet post-it pad & 5 coloured f...
  • Pocket Sticky Flags-20

    Pocket Sticky Flags

    Frosted hard cover sticky flag set.

  • Glass Coaster-20

    Glass Coaster

    GLASS COASTER SET4 quality glass coaster set with frosted border i...
  • Orbit Pen Holder-20

    Orbit Pen Holder

    Aluminium cover with time, date, week, temperature display, alarm ...
  • Digi Desk Caddy-20

    Digi Desk Caddy

    This quality office accessory provides functional display and deskto...

  • Surf Keyring-20

    Surf Keyring

    The Surf Keyring is a lightweight bottle opener featuring a dual fun...
  • Puller Keylight-20

    Puller Keylight

    Black aluminium LED light keyring complete with batteries. Unique ...
  • Gel Highlighter Set-20

    Gel Highlighter Set

    Gel HIGHLIGHTER set 3 pack gel Highlighter set. Colours: Orange /...

  • Liquid Highlighter Set-20

    Liquid Highlighter Set

    An office utility and an important stationery item, our 4 pack liqui...
  • Fleet Compendium-20

    Fleet Compendium

    High end compendium with gusseted document pocket, zip pockets, mesh...
  • Fleet Organiser-20

    Fleet Organiser

    High end organiser with gusseted document pocket, zip pockets, mesh ...

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