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Lollies, Giveaway sweets & tasty treats

Sometimes a simple candy giveaway is enough to reinforce your brand messaging efforts. Sweets are a quick way to convey happiness and associate your brand or message with positive emotions and image—that’s why they work very well as a promotional offer. Here at Dynamic Gift Promotions you’ll find a variety of jelly beans, mints, lollipops, fruit jellys, among other types of candies and sweets.

Packaging can be customized to include brand or logo as well as other text or image information as needed. Our staff will work directly with you to create exactly what you want for your next promotional sweets offering.

Not finding exactly what you want among our stocked candy options? Let us know what you’re looking for and we can help you find it! Other questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us to ask. There is no obligation, and we’re more than happy to help you consider the possibilities.

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  • Jelly Bean Jar-20

    Jelly Bean Jar

    Minimum Order: 250 Jars A glass jar that comes packed with jel...
  • Mini Fruit Jellies-20

    Mini Fruit Jellies

    30 gram bag of delicious mini jelly beans.
  • Mint Tube-20

    Mint Tube

    8 grams of sugar-free peppermints in a handy tube.Packaging Loo...

  • Oval Mint Card-20

    Oval Mint Card

    Oval shaped mint card that contains 7 grams of sugar free mints. (Ap...
  • Mint Card-20

    Mint Card

    A unique plastic card that holds 7 grams of sugar free mints. (Appro...
  • High Mint Tin-20

    High Mint Tin

    Stylish flip top tin filled with 30 grams of peppermints.

  • House Mints-20

    House Mints

    House shaped mint card that contains 7 grams of sugar free mints. (A...
  • Mint Jar-20

    Mint Jar

    Screw top jar filled with 14 grams of sugar free peppermints.Packagi...
  • Lollipops-20


    Delicious 9 gram New Zealand made lollipops.PackagingLoose packed....

  • Jelly Bean Tin-20

    Jelly Bean Tin

    Minimum Order: 500 Tins A Stainless tin that comes packed with...
  • Jelly Bean Pillow-20

    Jelly Bean Pillow

    Minimum order qty: 500 units A jelly bean pack filled with jellybea...
  • Jelly Bean Bag-20

    Jelly Bean Bag

    Minimum Order: 500 Bags. A Promotional jelly bean pack that co...

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