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Businesses and organisations need to innovate when it comes to promotional strategies. There are quite a few conventional promo items out there but it will stand you in good stead when you think of an ‘out of the box’ solution to promote your brand message. One such solution is a custom luggage straps.

These luggage straps are available with your branding repeated along the entire length in multiple colours and fitting options.

Product Details

Widths available

Lanyard Widths

Other widths are available just ask us about our 40 and 50mm luggage strap materials.

Print colours available

Print Colours

In stock material colours

In Stock lanyard colours

We can match any pantone colour you require for an additional pantone matching charge of $40. Just ask us about our custom dyed materials.

Why choose Custom Luggage straps?

The whole point of choosing promotional items is to foster a close relationship with your customers –existing and potential. Obviously then, when you choose a product that is useful for an individual, then he is going to use your product constantly and for a long time to come.

This is exactly why putting your brand message on a luggage tag makes a lot of sense. Everybody travels and they need an easy and distinctive way to identify their luggage. Enter your creation – the luggage strap

customising it correctly

There is no denying the fact that Custom Luggage straps make for an immensely attractive item for almost any individual. It is also interesting to note that a luggage tag can be used also for a handbag and not just the big luggage.

When it comes to customising this tag, it would be useful for you to examine permutations and combinations that encompass:

•    colours that reflect your corporate logo.
•    Bright and distinctive colours that will help an individual spot his or her luggage immediately.
•    Choosing the right fittings and clips so that they are tough enough to carry on for a very long time.
•    Coming up with a creative message on your tags – wishing your customer bon voyage, for instance.

The material

You can rest assured that your Custom Luggage straps are going to be tough and durable because online sellers will make it out of high strength nylon. This material is easy to maintain and can be depended on to carry quite a large range of luggage and weights as well.

Of course, if the point is to give your customer an extra strong luggage tag, then you must choose Custom Luggage straps that are of the correct width and are known for sturdy straps and fittings as well.

Since luggage straps are available in different widths ranging from 5mm to 25mm, you can choose one that makes the most sense for you. It therefore makes a lot of sense for you to pay attention to the end use of this tag and then choose the correct product.

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