Promotional products can deliver a high ROI and achieving this is very simple. However, one of the most important factors to consider is the supplier you choose. If the products you give out to potential clients aren’t of a high enough quality the whole exercise could be counter-productive.

The promotional products you distribute reflect your business. For example, if you brand a pen and distribute it at a trade show it needs to be from a trusted supplier. If the pen you give out is a quality product and easy to write with your potential client will choose to use it above other pens and will think positively of your brand. However, if you give out a pen that stops working within a few days and looks cheap, that client won’t feel valued and it’s unlikely they’ll choose to use you.

Once you’ve chosen a trusted supplier, read our top tips to ensure a high ROI.

 1. Identify your target audience

Do you want to target an influencer or reseller? The message you need to communicate will differ so it’s important to consider this first before selecting a product and choosing what to print on it.

2. How do you plan to give out the product?

Will you be sending it out, giving it away at an exhibition or using it as a reward for attending a seminar? Again this will have an impact on what you choose.

3. What is the wider marketing strategy?

Although promotional products can be used as stand-alone marketing tools, they can also be very effective when used as part of a wider strategy.

4. What is the call to action?

Ensure you know what you’re aiming to achieve. For example, if you’re sending a promotional product to key contacts which are warm to your brand you may not need to include contact details. However, if you’re handing out a product to a large number of people at an exhibition or trade show where the vast majority of people won’t have heard of your business before, ensure the product includes your contact details.