For decades, companies have handed out promotional products to help build brand awareness and win business. To ensure these products continue to deliver a high ROI you need to be aware of the latest trends and how these can be adapted for your business. However, don’t lose sight of the fact that the most effective promotional products are still pens, mugs, sticky notes and USB flash drives. To ensure success you need to be aware of how to adapt these so they remain current in an ever-changing world and this often comes down to branding and how you can make it relevant to your client. The latest promo trends include:

  1. Technology
    A USB flash drive is always going to be well received, but to stand out from the crowd, consider how to use it to show how current your brand is. Therefore, think about how to communicate your brand message. Perhaps consider choosing a USB stick that looks different and reflects your brand.
  2. Personalisation
    Ensuring whatever promotional product you select is personalised is becoming increasingly important. Receiving a pen, mug, or USB flash drive which has been personalised for that particular client will undoubtedly strengthen your relationship. You could use the client’s name or you could make that product relevant to the client. For example, if your potential client is an eco-company then ensure you choose a promotional gift which has green credentials so this could be as simple as giving a pencil rather than a pen.
  3. Conversational products
    Creating a buzz around your brand is always going to be a great way to win business. In a world where social media is so powerful it is important to choose a promotional product which will be tweeted and shared. Again, this isn’t necessarily about choosing a new and costly product, it could just be about the message you print on a USB flash drive, pen, or lanyard.

Above all, remember to choose useful promotional products and this will ensure they are effective and deliver a high ROI.