Relationship building is essential in the corporate world and can be the difference between the success and failure of a brand. A key tool in building effective relationships is using corporate gifts. A well timed, carefully chosen gift can be an incredibly powerful marketing tool and will help your business stand out in a crowded marketplace. It will make the client feel valued, will strengthen the relationship and lead to further business. Despite the worldwide economic crisis is thankfully behind us, it is now harder than ever to build a business so although giving gifts will inevitably cost money this strategy can deliver a high ROI.

Many companies are wary of giving corporate gifts to help secure business, but it’s actually very easy to get it right and the result is a powerful marketing tool. If you’re still uncertain just follow our simple guide.

DO choose a good value corporate gift but DON’T be tempted to opt for anything that looks or feels cheap. Whatever you give will give an impression about your brand, so be mindful of this.

DO keep your goal in mind when selecting a corporate gift and ensure you’re not tempted to lose sight of this. For example, if your goal is to thank a client for their business and ensure you secure future business, a product introducing your brand wouldn’t be appropriate.

DO personalise the corporate gift as much as possible as this will increase its impact and will make the client feel valued.

DON’T forget the presentation. If you follow all the above, but forget the importance of presentation you could potentially lose the power of the corporate gift. A well-presented gift will also increase its perceived value.

DO remember to include a hand-written note. It’s simple and cost effective and will ensure your client feels valued.