Since the global economic crisis marketing budgets have understandably been under pressure and a high level of ROI needs to be ensured at all times. The world of marketing has rapidly evolved in recent years and, for the majority of industries it may seem old fashioned to invest in promotional products especially when social media and digital marketing are considered to be far more cost effective. However, failure to recognise that promotional marketing products still play an important role in growing a brand could prove to be a costly mistake.

There are five key reasons why investing in promotional products is a wise strategic move and should play a role in a targeted campaign:

1. Giving a promotional product opens a dialogue with potential clients

Giving an individual or a business a promotional product printed with your logo is the perfect way to begin a conversation. Receiving a gift inevitably makes the recipient feel valued and, as a result may be more likely to warm to your brand.

2. Promotional products have greater longevity than any other form of advertising so represent a high ROI

Quite simply, a promotional product lasts far longer and is more cost effective than any other marketing tool. For example, you need someone to continually post on social media to remain at the fore of discussions and a digital advertising campaign will often be charged at a daily rate. Promotional products are unique because of the time they stay in circulation and throughout that time period they are continually advertising your brand. And for that reason they are almost impossible to beat on value.

3. By giving a promotional product you are building a positive image for your company

Recipients are far more likely to have a favourable impression of a business that takes the time and effort to use branded promotional products. This can be particularly useful when trying to repair a damaged reputation.

 4. Promotional products have almost unlimited reach

Branded promotional products are often passed around colleagues and businesses. It’s easy for a pen or USB flash drive to have multiple owners and every time the item is passed on your brand or business is exposed to potential clients.

5. Promotional products draw attention

Simply by offering a promotional item for free your brand or business will be noticed. This could achieve far greater cut through than an email marketing campaign.