In a crowded marketplace planning a promotional event can help to elevate your business above the competition. It is inevitably a costly exercise but, with a little thought and creativity and us on your team planning your event will deliver a high ROI and help you to win business. Just follow our simple tips.


1 - Select the target audience
When preparing for your corporate event, do not select an audience that is too broad, but rather target customers, prospects, professionals, guests, stakeholders, and employees who may be interested in the content of your event. In order to achieve the objectives set for each event, they must have been carefully defined beforehand.


2 - Innovate, surprise, seduce


It is very important to bring to the guests a unique and extraordinary experience that they will remember. When planning a corporate event, be imaginative and think outside the box.


Innovation can come as much from the place of the event as from the actions and activities to be carried out, that is to say its content. An example of innovation would be to rent a picturesque place


3 - The power of details
When creating your event, remember that small details are always welcome and do not need to be imported to make a good impression on your guests.
Some ideas to personalize your corporate event and differentiate from others: written invitations to form in the form of postcard, ornament from an exotic country, short personalized video, blog post with original human photos of the event, etc.
4 - Strategies on social networks
A promotion strategy is fundamental to providing your business event with an important reach. To make the most of social networks, consider the following:
    Choose the networks that best fit the event and audience. Facebook, for example, is rather general and heterogeneous, but to convey a more professional image, Linkedin would be the ideal network.
5 - Capture and retain leads
Once the contact with a prospect is established, it is about the loyalty and for this purpose the e-mail-marketing is an essential tool. Indeed, it offers a direct, permanent and personal contact with the prospect, which makes it possible to answer all his questions.
E-mail marketing reaches the maximum efficiency when the information sent is really useful and it corresponds to its expectations and needs: this is the purpose of the e-mail nurturing.