The promotional products you select will have an instant impact on your reputation. Therefore, increase the amount of attention your promotional activity receives by capitalising on hot topics which are usually high on the news agenda.

One such issue is waste and it is only going to gain in relevance. There are now few businesses that aren’t conscious of what they throw away and the waste they generate.Sending paper advertising material may backfire as a marketing tool as it may appear wasteful.Digital marketing and social media are undoubtedly environmentally friendly, but they can lack the reach of physical marketing tools. Therefore, choosing a promotional product which is environmentally friendly could help you engage with clients and customers who share green and eco-friendly values.

It is easy to assume environmentally friendly promotional products are costly, but in reality there are some affordable options. At a trade show or event you could select a normal lanyard printed with your company’s logo. Alternatively, opt for one made from an extract of pulped bamboo. Interestingly it has a smooth texture so feels softer but importantly, it is sustainable. Your carbon footprint will benefit and by making this conscious decision you are creating a talking point. After receiving the lanyard your current and future clients are more likely to keep the lanyards and talk about them with their colleagues – helping to create a buzz around your business.

Similarly, pencils are an environmentally-friendly option but your clients won’t necessarily notice unless you point it out. Therefore, if your marketing strategy has a green focus then sending out pencils with a clear message highlighting this will strengthen the impact of the overall campaign.