Promotional products are items bearing your company's brand or logo and given to customers. Used primarily to present a company's products and services, promotional items eventually lead to awareness, loyalty and customer loyalty. Choose your gifts wisely

1. Decide what you want to achieve

Promotional products have a variety of uses as they can boost sales, build awareness and thank customers. Different products will be more effective at achieving these goals, for example a pen or bag is a good way of building awareness. To be successful you must always consider your ideal outcome and how promotional products fit into your wider advertising and promotional activity.

2. Carefully consider what promotional products to select

Identify your company’s target audience and build a profile of that potential customer or client. Choose a product which will meet their needs – this will ensure the product is used and receives maximum exposure. Offer something that is not only useful for them, but that would constantly remind them of your business.

3. Think about what will be printed on the product

There are a number of options and this will have an impact on what is achieved. It is possible to use a simple logo, or a company name or even both of these along with a company slogan. The colour and imagery you select will also affect how your company is perceived by the recipient.

4. Remember it’s about give and take

By giving a promotional product you will have a particular goal in mind, so ensure you make the most of the opportunity. For example, ensure people are given the product in exchange for their contact details.

5. Quality is crucial

Promotional products continue advertising your business far longer than many other marketing tools. You want to create a positive, lasting impression so selecting a cheap product is counter-productive. The ultimate goal is to create a buzz around your business ensuring people spread the word and are asking "where did you get that?".