USB flash drives have revolutionised the use of promotional products in marketing. Giving a potential client a branded USB flash drive is an incredibly powerful marketing tool and there is little that can compare in terms of cut through. The main reason for this is the practical nature of this product. Read on to find out why to invest in USB flash drives as a marketing tool.

1. Longevity

A potential client may glance at a leaflet before throwing it away but a USB flash drive is unique and is likely to be used for months, if not years. Every time a branded USB flash drive is used it’ll advertise your brand, thereby raising awareness and ensuring your business is talked about.

2. Will provide a high ROI

When you compare the effectiveness of a USB flash drive with that of a digital advert you can see its true value. The number of impressions achieved by a USB flash drive are potentially endless, yet you only pay once. A USB flash is something businesses actually need, will use on a daily basis and will pass around. In comparison a digital advert is unlikely to be passed around in the same way so has a much more limited reach.

3. Practical so useful increasing cut through

A USB flash drive can be branded with a logo, company name, slogan or whatever message you need to communicate. However, it is also a mobile advertising devise and can contain whatever personalised information you want to give to a potential client. If a client receives info that is personalised and relevant they are more likely to engage with your brand. This is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways of personalising marketing material – it’s as simple as editing the information on the USB flash drive. Even if your potential client only looks at the information once your brand remains on the actual device and will continue to be promoted.