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Metal Badges & Pins

Custom Metal Badges are the Perfect Solution: It is important that your staff are good representatives for your company, and you need to provide them with the tools that are needed to create a professional image. Custom medal pins are a great way to display their name and the company information in a classy way. They also make excellent incentive gifts or can be sold at a premium for fundraising.

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Why Do You Need Custom Metal Badges?

These metal badges provide an identification system which allows customers to easily spot an employee in your store. When the employees have matching die struck badges, it can build a professional image for your company. Additionally, the badges are simple to use and beneficial to display the name of each employee.

Many companies have found that their employees are more accountable for their decisions when they are wearing a name badge, because the customers will be able to identify them. If you want to prevent behavior problems among your staff, then you might consider using printed badges if you don't already have them.

Promotional and Fundraising Options

Other similar items can be used for fundraisers or other promotional events. For example, you may have moulded metal pins created to display an image or logo that represents a charitable organisation. Those pins can be offered as a gift to anyone who donates to the cause, and the pin can help to spread the word about your organisation.

Other Uses for Custom Pins

In addition to using custom pins for fundraising purposes, you can also find other ways to use them as well:

  • Give lapel pins away as gifts at a nice event
  • Use the pins as an award or recognition for athletes or performers
  • Sell pins for profit
  • Gift a nice pin as employee recognition
  • Hand out pins to employees who practice safety in the workplace

Designing the Perfect Badge or Pin

One of the advantages to having pins made for your company or organisation, is the fact that you can choose the design and colours for the pin. Design features might include the logo for your company, a catchy image, bright colours, and or symbols.

Or, if you don't feel like pins are right for your needs, then look at options to have custom button badges made. Here at Dynamic Gift, we offer enamel badges and all types of pins, which can be customised according to the needs of your organisation. Our goal is to help you create the perfect badge or pin, in order to help you with the branding of your company.

Before you decide on the pin or badge design that you would like to use, it is important that you first understand how the pins will be used. The purpose of the these items will help you to choose an appropriate design and colours. Additionally, you can choose the type of metal and design feature based on your budget and anticipated profit margins.

We offer many different types of custom products in Auckland, and we would love to help you with any customization need that you might have. Contact Dynamic Gift if you have any questions or if you need help selecting the right items for your organisation.