30cm Sticky Note Ruler

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30cm Sticky Note Ruler
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Classic 12"/30cm plastic ruler with handy stationery flags in removable and refillable drawer.


Product Details


315 x 41 x 15mm

Branding Option

50 x 10mm

Colours Available

White only

Select print colours, Click the pantone colour chart below.


What’s in a Ruler, you may ask. The answer is quite simple – joy and happiness, measure and size, your past and your future. Who hasn’t experienced the feel of a Ruler? Our childhood memories are chock a block with all kinds of Rulers. It brings a flood of pleasant days spent in school. It also leaves us with a sense of déjà vu. 30cm Sticky Note Ruler is therefore an ideal gift to one and all – whether your employees or customers.

Who likes a Ruler and who doesn’t?

Why? Everyone likes a ruler. It can be made of metal or plastic. The magic in a Ruler is beyond description. A dreamer thinks of it as a test of time. An architect treats it like a measure of his greatness. A child simply uses it without giving it a thought. For a student it’s a tool which they cannot do without. A Ruler is synonymous with discipline. A soldier treats it with respect. It can be used to discipline them. Obviously everyone without exception has come across it at some time or other in their life. A Ruler is therefore a treasure which makes a great gift.

What’s a Ruler with a sticky note?

This can be called a great innovation – putting a plastic Ruler and sticky note together. For the elderly it’s a reason to rejoice. Why? Because when you forget where you kept your things, a Ruler is always there to remind you with a sticky note. Instead of sticking up the notes and forget where you had pasted them, here is a neat place to store it – with a 30cm Ruler sitting right in front of you. Not as if children don’t forget. A Ruler with sticky note is an ideal way to remind youngsters. In fact, it’s a tool for all ages.

What about a ruler with sticky note as a gift?

It’s a perfect gift. You can embellish the Ruler with a sticky note in a removable and refillable drawer. You can select the print colour and presto – Ruler with sticky note is at your doorstep. If you think that getting everything done will be a monumental task, you can rest assured that the process is pretty simple. You just order 30cm Sticky Note Ruler, choose the colour of sticky notes and the rest is taken care of. If you are worried about the price, you can take it easy – the gift is quite cheap and affordable. You need not bother about delivery too. The entire lot would be delivered within five days. You click buy and wait for the parcel to be sent home or to your office.

You will be remembered every time someone forgets

A sticky note is used as a reminder. Usually you reach out for it when you forget something. Therefore, 30cm Sticky Note Ruler will always remind people of you whenever they forget and want to be reminded. It is therefore a fantastic gift item. Not to forget that  a Ruler can be used in a traditional fashion - to measure.


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