2 Metre Folding Ruler

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2 Metre Folding Ruler
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White two metre wooden folding builders ruler. Available with your brand printed on the ruler.

Product Details


235 x 31 x 15mm

Branding Option

170 x 20mm

Colours Available

White only

Print colours available

Select print colours, Click the pantone colour chart below.


Further information

12 things you didn't know about this handy promotional gift.

Man has always wanted to measure distance, whether that is in terms of light-years or simply with a yardstick in your backyard. From terms like “an arrow-shot away”, “one-arm distance” or “axe-cast”, which vaguely told of the distance, we see through history growing precision in measuring distances and with it the various tools for measurements used. The Romans introduced the concept of milia, from mille passus simply meaning ‘a thousand paces’, which later became 'mile'.
The folding ruler is one such measurement tool and has been since the days old, it consists of multiple pivoting sections that unfold and lock in place to form a rigid ruler for taking length measurements. A typical folding rule is 6 to 8 feet long when extended. When not in use, the sections are folded back together into a compact bundle that is typically about 6" long. A folding rule is also called a carpenter's folding rule, a mason's rule or a zig-zag rule.

• The 2 metre folding ruler is as old as the mid 1800's. Until the invention of the retractable tape measure, it was the standard measuring device.

• It is said that a folding measuring device was even found in the ruins of ancient Pompeii.

• Old folks, who love spending hours in their woodworking shop still swear by this invention and use it for all measurement purposes.

• Old school carpenters were also known to use folding rulers to wipe the sweat from their brow.

• Originally made from wood, folding rules are now made from aluminium, steel, fibre glass, and wood. The pivoting hinges are often made from brass.

• 2 metre folding rulers in the day and till now have been popular as these folding rulers have a sliding brass extension that is useful for taking and transferring inside measurements (doorways, cabinet openings, etc.).

• Masons have long favoured folding rules for spacing courses of bricks using rules made with equally marked graduations for each brick course.

• Because of its rigidity, the folding rule also allows masons to take accurate measurements above their heads without climbing a ladder.

• Experienced users will generally open the rule to the greatest length that fits between the points being measured, and then slide out the brass extension for the remaining distance. The extended rule can then be carried to the board to be cut which can then be marked directly from the rule without the need to keep track of any numbers.

• These 2 metre folding rulers give a high-precision reading in either just the metric system, o both the metric and imperial systems.

• Since the introduction of Rhino Rulers, a waterproof folding ruler made of fibre glass, many masons are finding even more reasons to stay with this "old reliable."

• It is very awkward to try holding a steel tape vertical and keep it still while you are trying to make several accurate marks without it moving like a ribbon in the wind. Hence, the old school folding ruler still has its charm.

One thing about folding rulers is the more you use them the easier they operate, especially if the joints are kept oiled periodically. It is a dynamic idea to gift your ‘ol chap this folding ruler to remind him of  his hard and sweaty yet passionate and younger days, spending hours creating wonder-works with woodworking

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