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Pen Drives, USB Pens Custom Branded With Your Logo

When choosing corporate gifts, companies look for items that are functional and affordable. Doing so ensures the company gets the best return on their investment while providing their clients with items they can use regularly. Our goal is to provide items that are of the highest quality while remaining in the reach of a wide range of businesses. Custom USB Pens are one such item that many businesses find they benefit from, they are compact and easy to distribute to clients or staff and they are used every hour of every day by people in business. Get a quote and free mock up today, you won't be disappointed!

USB Pen Drives

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  • USB GP Style Pen-20

    USB GP Style Pen

    This USB GP style pen is a great promotional item for any office or ...
  • Data Storm Ball Pen-20

    Data Storm Ball Pen

    Design inspired twist action stainless steel ball pen with a built i...
  • USB Future Style Pen-20

    USB Future Style Pen

    These USB drives are truly unique. They are our hottest item because...

  • USB Degardo Pen-20

    USB Degardo Pen

    Min Order Quantity: 25 Featuring a Detachable USB Cap, Pocket Clip,...
  • USB Pen Insert Drive-20

    USB Pen Insert Drive

    This USB drive is a fully functional pen with a insertable area for ...
  • USB Executive Pens-20

    USB Executive Pens

    Ball Point Pen, USB Cap, Optional Laser, Sleek & Compact.Standar...

  • USB Marble Pen 2-20

    USB Marble Pen 2

    A premium promotional usb pen. Featuring a marble an ultra smooth ma...
  • USB Adensa Style Pen-20

    USB Adensa Style Pen

    This USB Adensa Style pen doubles as a USB drive and a working pen. ...
  • Stylus USB Pen-20

    Stylus USB Pen

    The USB Stylus pen comes in a variety of different colours including...

  • Exocet USB Pen-20

    Exocet USB Pen

    Twist action, brass multifunction ball pen with a stylus and a 4GB f...

Flexibility from a simple, highly usable giveaway item

USB pen drives can be used by every member of the family, making them the perfect promotional item. Students find the pen drive to be of help when completing school projects, and adults love to have them on hand to store important documents relating to their families or jobs. Pen drives are also of great help in organizing music, movies, or photographs, and they can be personalized with the business message of choice. In fact, these items may even be engraved, and they can be used with a wide range of devices.

Increased Exposure For Your Brand

With the help of a pen drive engraved with the business name and logo, businesses find they can reach more people in their target audience. This allows the business to advertise without spending extra money to do so, as each time the drive is used, they are reinforcing their image in the mind of the consumer. Furthermore, those who see the user benefiting from the pen drive will want to know more about the company that provided the item. The drives can be given to clients, customers, vendors, and more to increase brand visibility exponentially. As everyone can find a use for this item, it's one promotional product that should be provided to every person a business encounters.

Why USB Drive Pens Are So Beneficial

People often wonder how they can benefit from a USB drive pen, yet when they actually use one they question how they lived without it. Pens remain a necessity even in today's computer age, but people often don't keep one close by. They simply aren't utilized as much as they were in the past.

The pen drive combines a pen with a flash drive, so the user has two items with them at all times that they can advantage of. The flash drive has almost become an essential item for many people, as they must carry a great deal of material wherever they go. They don't want the inconvenience of carrying two items, and they no longer have to with the help of the USB pen drive. The two items are now merged into one to make life easier in every way.

Creating the Ideal Pen Drive

Businesses love pen drives as they can be designed to their unique specifications. Whether the company wishes to match the colours in their logo or wants to engrave a special message, either can be done with ease. Regardless of what options are selected, the delivery time is kept to a minimum, as we produce the products in our own facility. We offer an artwork service to ensure the final product meets the customer's needs, and a sample is created for customer approval before manufacturing begins. Simple steps such as these help to ensure customer satisfaction.

Browse our site today to see the wide range of products we offer for customers in Auckland and across New Zealand. Every business can find an item that provides value to their clients and presents their business in a positive way. USB pen drives are only one example of how a business can achieve these goals, and we have numerous others. If you need help in choosing the right item or items, don't hesitate to ask. We are here to help in any way we can.

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