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Promotional Embroidered Caps, Hats & Headwear

Quality baseball caps, hats, or other headwear have been used as promotional give-aways for longer than industry memory serves. Why? Because it works! When it’s done right, people love the utility and accessory of a well-made hat. And it’s a win-win. It’s cost-effective, encourages brand loyalty, and fosters positive interactions with your intended public.

We can fully customise and create promotional headwear to your exact specifications, including design, logo or brand, material, colours, and style. Looking for a brushed cotton or a sandwich mesh material? We can do both. Want a custom label tag for added marketing punch? No problem. Considering a fitted cap vs. an adjustable snap back or velcro fit? We can show you the pros and cons of each option.

If you are considering how your business or event might benefit by using promotional baseball caps, hats or other headwear of any shape or size, feel free to contact us and we’ll help you think it through. We do this stuff every day, and we’re always happy to help.

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  • Dream Fit Cap-20

    Dream Fit Cap

    Minimum order qty: 25 Made with Brushed Heavy Cotton and Spandex, t...
  • HBC & Printed Checks-20

    HBC & Printed Checks

    Minimum Order Qty: 25 Units Standard branding method: Embroidery. O...
  • Racing Style Caps-20

    Racing Style Caps

    Brushed Heavy Cotton with Racing Ribbon On Peak & Closure Minimum O...

  • Crown Insert Cap-20

    Crown Insert Cap

    Brushed Heavy Cotton with Crown Inserts & Contrasting Peak Under & S...
  • Contrast Sandwich Cap-20

    Contrast Sandwich Cap

    Brushed Heavy Cotton with Contrasting Stitching and Open Lip Sandwic...
  • Crown Piped Cap-20

    Crown Piped Cap

    Brushed Heavy Cotton with Crown Piping and Sandwich Minimum Order Q...

  • Cable Knit Beanie-20

    Cable Knit Beanie

    Minimum Order QTY: 25 Made from an acrylic knitted wool with a row fe...
  • 100% Wool Beanie-20

    100% Wool Beanie

    Minimum Order QTY: 25 Made from 100% lovely natural wool fibre, this ...
  • Ruga Knit Beanie-20

    Ruga Knit Beanie

    Minimum Order QTY: 25 100% Acrylic ribbed knitted beanie. Extra comfy...

  • Skull Beanie-20

    Skull Beanie

    Minimum Order QTY: 25 100% Acrylic knitted beanie for extra comfort a...
  • Double Striped Beanie-20

    Double Striped Beanie

    Minimum Order QTY: 25 Acrylic knitted beanie, comfy, warm and versati...
  • Acrylic Beanie-20

    Acrylic Beanie

    Minimum Order QTY: 25 Made from knitted acrylic, to keep you warm and...

Why choose custom embroidered caps?

Corporate giveaways are one of the oldest methods of promotion and have been utilised by companies all over the world. Whilst you will win no prizes for innovation when following in the footsteps of the thousands of commercial organisations that have benefited from this type of advertising in the past, you will be able to do so safe in the knowledge that it is a highly effective marketing method and one that can provide a huge amount of exposure for a relatively small outlay.

Printed promotional caps, which we are able to supply at highly competitive wholesale prices, work well for companies that are looking to increase their visibility among both consumers and other businesses. The most basic requirement that any giveaway needs to fulfil is that of being genuinely useful and because so many people wear headgear all year round, it is an excellent choice for firms that want to ensure their corporate gifts are used on a daily basis rather than left languishing at the back of a cupboard.

Designs on world domination

Whilst hats have the advantage of being genuinely useful, you still need to make sure that they are attractive enough for recipients to want to wear them on regular basis if you are to obtain a decent level of exposure for your investment. A professional design, incorporating your company name and logo in a colour scheme that is both unique and appealing, will go a long way to ensuring that this is the case. We provide all of our customers with high quality pre-production artwork so they can approve final designs before the manufacturing process starts, to avoid costly mistakes

Hats & Caps are cost effective

There are many different ways to promote your company and the products and services that it sells but few will be as cost effective as well designed corporate giveaways. A single item of branded clothing worn on a regular basis could expose your company name and logo to thousands of individuals every day so it is easy to see how promotional headwear could provide your business with an enormous amount of exposure when used as part of a nationwide campaign.

The exact cost involved will depend on the styles, designs, printing requirements and the quantity required. We can provide detailed quotations to make it easy for you to work out a budget for your campaign and will be happy to work alongside your marketing team to ensure that all your needs are met for a reasonable price.

Looking to the future

If you find, like many other businesses, that branded caps provide a decent level of exposure for the cost involved, it may be worth expanding your marketing efforts in the future and incorporating other products from our wide range of gifts and promotional items. Once you start to raise your public profile, it is a good idea to capitalise on your early successes with quality giveaways that will ensure your company name is in the public eye for many years to come.

Offering them a promotional gift that is appealing to their sensibilities and lots of fun at the same time. Nonetheless, comfort and style is perfect for any age category, so this product is sure to be a hit for anyone on your company’s team.

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